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  1. was the computer damaged recently in any way,shape or form? I think it's either your harddrive got damaged or infected with some sort of malware (viruses,trojans, etc..) or... windows is corrupt due to an automatic update or some other reason i have no idea how severe the issue is or if you're just overreacting but from the way you're typing it seems that the computer suddenly became super sluggish or smth i have a few solutions : 1 - run a scan usung malwarebytes or windows defender security (i recommend the latest vers
  2. Try disconnecting all peripherals first and then see if windows boots if it doesnt work then you should probs reinstall windows (clean install recommended) https://www.makeuseof.com/fix-a-kmode-exception-not-handled-error-in-windows-10/ although i know you cant boot into windows , you should probably see why this error occurs as to not let it happen again
  3. btw i recommend trying the aurora store for apps on the google play store
  4. 360,000 usd would be a WASTE of my money on a TV, but the thing is, although it really does pain me to say this, its not MY money so........ (UNLESS CAPITALISM) however i would also like him to do something else with that kind of money , something more...... ... ,reasonable?
  5. i hate it when people compare their old cheap android phones and laptops with macbooks and iphones, thinking that if it is made by apple then it is suddenly magic with no regards to price difference or specs or age or ANYTHING
  6. I f*cking hate the term "GAMER" yes , i play games no i dont like the term gamer being used in everything these days , for example i went to buy a phone for my dad a few weeks ago and gave him a suggestion, my dad goes oh, it has a gaming cpu in it well thats no good because he doesnt play games on it. I just find the term gamer to be cringe nowadays thats all
  7. what does the error say PRECISELY and try flashing in mbr mode with rufus please
  8. oh and if you could provide a picture or any more details as to what you did exactly starting from downloading the iso till the install or your pc's hardware would be helpful
  9. rufus vs etcher shouldnt be the issue since they both do the same thing, i think you should try looking for an mbr mode in etcher or use mbr mode in rufus then give it a try
  10. a few questions that came up to my mind are 1 - does your motherboard have a UEFI or just a legacy bios? you mentioned it was an old computer 2 - what did you flash your usb with,? balena etcher or rufus? (i havent used balena etcher before so i dont know wether it flashes in gpt mode by default or mbr mode by default) 3 - which version of pop os did you install? the nvidia version or the other one with open mesa drivers for intel and amd? , oh and try without encryption please
  11. Since you said "try" im just taking a guess but, have you tried not encrypting the drive?, oh and also im pretty sure if secure boot is enabled in bios then linux wont install properly, just a few guesses.
  12. if fps is constantly at 60 then most likely fps is capped (duh,,, ikr) i would check in my driver settings, check if vsync is on and stuff like that, (try reinstalling your driver if you cant find any settings that have anything to do with fps)
  13. oops im extremely bad with words... , oh and i was talking about the difference between 1333 mhz ram in dual channel vs 1600 mhz in my specific case, pretty sure most people know that dual channel is pretty much just better
  14. i think i get it now!? 1-so basically it doesnt really matter what programs report because different programs will report different things 2-the sticks will run at the cpu's 1333 mhz limit right? and finally 3-there will be no performance difference ? did i get that right? ohh so i guess im just gonna pick the stick with the lowest cas latency and speed of 1333 mhz right?
  15. you know how in dual channel mode if you run memtest for example or cpuz (i think) it reports half your memory speed? that is what made me think dual channel mode operates at a different frequency , soooo just to make sure i understand correctly if i were to put two sticks of 1600 mhz memtest,cpuz,etc.. will report what exactly? 1333 ÷ 2 or 1600 ÷2 (please excuse my ignorance lol)