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  1. Speakers are Kisonli m100 iirc They have 3.5mm jack+USB All mobo cables are checked and secure all mobo drivers are all installed and updated headsets dont work on either front or back ports
  2. CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3400G GPU: - RAM: Team Force 2x8GB 2400mhz SSD: Kingston 240GB Old motherboard: AsRock Steel Legend b450m New Motherboard: AsRock Steel Legend b450 Speakers are plug and play with no driver required. They work on other devices. They are correctly plugged in the PC (USB 3.0 Port and the green 3.5mm jack port). I've updated windows and updated all drivers. I've removed and reinstalled audio driver multiple times with system restart. Yet Speakers (and headphones and headsets) are not recognized by windows. They're not even detected as plugged
  3. so if I - say - swap a b450m from Asrock steel legend into gigabyte gaming ds3h , with no other hardware changes, then all I need is an internet connection and windows will take care of itself ? and what about the old mobo's driver ? will the software be removed or just remain as useless waste of space ?
  4. So my motherboard is dead (Asrock b450m steel legend) and now I gotta put a new one. Of course I can just take it to a shop and they will take care of everything. But can I simply swap it myself or is it going to cause an issue. see if I can save a few bucks from not taking it to a place. what happens if I use another steel legend motherboard ? and what happens if I wanna use a different b450 model or even switch to higher X models ?
  5. Update: Well now my PC is 100% dead, took it to a repair shop and they told me it's the IO chipset in the MOBO thats gone and I need to buy a new MOBO. is it possible that the IO chipset can cause this kind of error or are they trying to scam/upsell me ?
  6. One day I press the power button and it runs well all day. Another I press the power button and ... nothing. It doesn't come out of its shutdown state. I try to unplug and re-plug to the wall, RGB lights are on and working, I press the power button and still won't start. After some time passes with trying the button several times my PC turns on with the power button. until the next time when I have to do this dance again. Lately, even the unplugging/replugging solution has not been working, I would wait longer and longer before it works. What I want is help
  7. I do that, but that doesn't work all the time and I still don't know the root cause of the issue.
  8. Not exactly sure what you mean ? but I shut down my PC normally and it stays hooked to the wall until next session. its the next session turn-on that has become a gamble lately
  9. I thought MOBO parts are hardwired into it, is it safe to remove the battery ? will it mess up my PC settings or BIOS etc. ?
  10. so is this the source of the problem that's causing that weird behaviour ?
  11. Hello, new account here. So the title pretty much sums up my problem. My PC randomly started to have issues with turning on. One day I press the power button and everything is perfect, another it refuses to turn on at all. I flip the PSU power button off, letting my PC drain of power completely before setting it back on, wait a few minutes and it runs. Lately this solution has been succeeding less and less with longer wait times. I tried unplugging and reseating all the cables I could think of with no obvious effect. But what's messing with my head is the randomness of