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  1. Ubuntu boots in UEFI mode, I'm 100% positive. It's just that in order to boot into it, you have to set ubuntu to one time mode in EasyUEFI in order to make it the first in boot priority. However, the next time it boots, it boot into windows again. There's isn't a way to make it permanent AFAIK.
  2. Anyway to prevent it from getting overwritten? The bios doesn't have many option, not even set supervisor password.
  3. His laptop only have secure boot key management when secure boot was set to custom.
  4. Hey guys, I've been looking everywhere for solution, this is actually for my friend's computer, not mine. My current machine: 1. "Nettop" from 2009: running xubuntu 16.04, atom 330, 2GB DDR2, 500GB HDD. 2. Acer E5-574G: dual boot xubuntu 16.04 and win10, 6200u, 12GB ram, 240GB SSD. 1st one is of course not using an uefi bios, so install is really simple, just install and good to go 2nd one is using uefi, but still not hard at all, just put grubx64.efi as trusted in uefi menu **Actual question start here:** My friend's laptop (Acer Z1402-31ZJ)- i3-5005U,4GB RAM,1TB HDD Aft
  5. The tablet that I'm using is the teclast x80h, I've seen a lot of fixes, but they all fail to solve the issue lol
  6. I tried, but it'll revert back once I move the tablet.
  7. My windows 10 tablet acelerometer works, but only portrait and flipped portrait work correctly, 90 and 270 degree "switched" Is there any way I can trick windows into thinking "90=270 270=90"? or is there a proper fix or recalibration? I've searched for while now, and reinstall driver or registry doesn't work.
  8. I've always wanted to get a projector for hostel use where I can use it to play games, or watch movies with friends.
  9. I'm using a wireless membrane keyboard which is bundled with an acer prebuilt for almost 4 years now,it would be nice to have something mechanical since I'm currently studying software engineering in college.
  10. Been using the the k7100 from gigabyte for years now, which is indeed scissor switches. Both chiclet (laptop) and scissors works well for me. Both options are welcome
  11. Any recommendations for a chiclet style keyboard that doesn't break the bank? Planning on replacing my current wireless membrane keyboard.
  12. I've switched to ubuntu 16.04 for three days now,and I'm quite happy about it. (other than fixing driver issues and other problems) The last ubuntu version I've used is 13.04 on my old pc,so switching to ubuntu as primary os wasn't really a major issue. I also have windows 10 as a second boot option.
  13. Yup,and each of us have a single id and password to sign into. That's why right now I'm using a windows tablet to connect to that wifi and logged in,and makes it a wifi hotspot so that other devices can use that connection at the same time.
  14. Nope,it only runs off wifi. Well it does have one,but it's outside of the apartment.
  15. Thanks,it won't sign me out so I think it'll be fine.
  16. So right now I'm live in a college hostel,which wifi service is provided, But unfortunately,each of use only have a single account,which means when I logged in into my laptop,my phone or tablet will sign out automatically. Currently my solution is to use my windows tablet to connect to that wifi signal,and broadcast a wifi hotspot of its own,that way every device can connect to it at the same time. But the catch is that the tablet must be active at all time,which I don't want. Is there any other solution? like a wifi repeater device,but works in a different way. I
  17. Just hooked up my old monitor for a dual monitor setup,there is a really weird issue. when I open a new file explorer windows,the taskbar will redraw (just like pressing restart on explorer.exe in task manager) Here some info on my setup a benq ew2440l (1920x1080),hp w185 (1366x768) Windows 10 home 64bit,I'm also using displayfusion
  18. "Enthusiast wannabe" is going to be my member title. lol

  19. I'm so confused right now lol,you're probably right,after discount it would be USD188,for an msi armor 380 2GB plus,black and white on that card looks sexy as hell.
  20. ...can't find that in the price range at my online retailer. RM889 (USD209) for 270x,RM899 (USD211) for 380,and WF2 GTX 950 for RM749 (USD176),zotac exoc 960 for RM899 (USD211) discount is not factored in.
  21. Because for me nvidia cards fits my requirements better. Shadowplay all that kind of stuff. plus,I want a card that is has low power consumption at idle as I don't game a lot (like 3 hours at most per month) oh btw,room temparature for me is insane.I get like 29 celcius almost all the time (except for rainy day) and having the tower near me is not helping it either.I'm having a bad time. Lazada and lelong,they are quite reliable I must say. RM100 discount voucher on lazada too And 950 WF2 is like 649 after discount. I might get that since I never actually game other than casual gta 5,csg
  22. Good suggestion is still cool with me,so...I appreciate all the replies. But I found an asus strix 960 to be about the same price as the msi armor 380 after discount,so I would probably stick with nvidia,but since I still have to go through final exams I still have loads of time to consider.