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  1. That's the thing, it was just fine when I got it out of the box. I think it took around a week to reappear. Didn t take any photos the first time but is definitely same part of the board, keys and all.
  2. Should I get it replaced or just store it in a dry container away from sunlight, like food ? :)) no fluid touch it, I can assure you of that. I can wipe away, did that already but it reappeared. I d prefer not to wipe it every week like a diseases resurfacing
  3. I have no pets and I haven t even been home till 2 hours ago. Same thing 1st time around, got it out, set it on desk and just went to sleep so I wake up next day to this. No sneeze, no food nor drinks around, no dust-off. Nothing. The only possible explanation I see is some sort of "allergic reaction" from the keyboard, to the sun and summer temp. But that would indicate POOR painting treatment.
  4. Hey there ! Recently I got a Razer BlackWidow Chroma V3 TKL and after a single day of it being out on my desk I started noticing some weird looking black spots on the right side of my keyboard. They are both on keys and the deck itself. I can make them go away by simply rubbing at them, which I did the first time but now they reappeared. Is it possible that the direct sunlight or temps above 30+ Celsius cause some sort of troubles to the paint job? Is this a defect worthy of using the warranty to get a new board? Is it even my fault? Never before have I seen this on a device, is li
  5. Okay, that makes sense. Do I have to format my old SSD in order to keep it in or should I use it as an external drive only? Thank you for your quick reply.
  6. Hi there! I purchased a FreeDOS laptop thinking I can cut the price a bit. Here was my logic: I'll just use the old laptop's SSD (which had Windows 10 installed on it) to boot up my new FreeDOS laptop thus having extra storage space and free Windows. I got some questions: 1) Is this a viable course of action? (I heard I might have to update some drivers or that the License Key for Windows could be bound to the old laptop's internals) 2) For this "trick" to work is it enough to just change the boot order of installed drivers? 3) What's the worst case scenario h