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  1. Prski

    Ping spikes?

    I have a problem, ping spikes from like 37 to 67, sometimes instant, sometimes increasing slowly 2 by 2 and decreasing 2 by 2, faulty cable? It does transfer my full speed stable, 25Mbps, cat5
  2. Yeah, and next time be carefull with them as much as you can because they are very fragile. Dont bend them too much etc.
  3. Not really like that, in my system the GPU is the bottleneck, but when i used to play ETS2 , and even minecraft, neither the gpu or cpu usage was maxed, and the fps is low.
  4. Use task manager to see what is using your GPU when idle and gaming too, just alt tab.
  5. The USB is not a problem, i dont really care about its healt, but its my ssd which i care about and which has those high response times, its like casual use, gaming, installing some programs. My CPU is i7-2630QM (45W tipical but using throttlestop it was set to 56W when the ssd was benchmarked using samsung magician) So i assume if my CPU was stronger and could handle more than 40k iops the SSDs response time would be even higher because more could be written and read from it. Temps were never above 47C on the ssd, CPU was not throttling. As i said, i can record what i am d
  6. Hello, when my ssd is under load, it spikes up to 1000 ms response time, normal? When im using it normal, its from 0 to 5ms, but a bit higher load sometimes causes above mentioned. And i have one more question thats bothering me, i needed to format my USB stick using cmd (from RAW to NTFS or FAT32 not sure) and it was doing fine, until i forgot i was formatting it and put my laptop to sleep, when it woke up, the USB was doing nothing (cmd was formatting it), and something was written to the ssd about 6MBps constantly until the USB? formatting finished. I had to foramt my usb again be
  7. I had some corrupted windows files, idk it seems it is working fine, just maybe a 0.5-1 sec freez when i open chrome, or weird popping sound (when i open something that is a bit more disc intensive), while my music is playing.
  8. Thank you, so it means my SSD is not broken and i dont need to go take a new one? Could it be damaged because one time i had to hold the power button to shut down my laptop, and the device manager option for caching was ticked for better performance?
  9. Didnt mean to say having windows on it will help, but opposite, slow it down. I7-2630qm Allowed to pull 56W using throttlestop Sorry for reply above, didnt figure out i didnt quote your replys. Thanks!
  10. Hello, few months ago i bought my new SSD, which is an 870 evo. Seq read and write are normal, right? But the randoms are half of the speed people talk about on the internet. This test if performed after enabling overprovisioning (46 gb recommended), also all background programs were closed, and nothing was updating etc. There is plenty free space on it. Sata 6gbps, ahci enabled, trimm enabled, latest firmware already came with it. You can see below, two ran tests. SSD.png was run without OP, SSD1 with OP, not run at the same date. Suggestions? This is my only drive in my laptop. Is