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  1. i think its something bios related, but im waiting for a new ssd and once it arrives i can try to reset mobo bios and try on the fresh ssd but it doesnt really seems to me thats the problem
  2. i dont think thats the case since the card wont even boot, im not a expert but the drivers should only do any thing after the OS is initialized right?
  3. the problem its the gpu not working, beeing it alone or with 2 gpus on the computer
  4. first of all sorry for potential english mistakes :) there are high chances of beeing a bad gpu but i want to try all the possibilites before giving up (i got it from a guy who got it from aliexpress so...). well i got this aorus rx570 4gb when i first tried its booted fine, but the image was on a weird resolutionbut that sorted itself with a restart, i got the drivers from amd (i used a nvidia gpu before and didint unnistall any driver before trying the 570), then i went to play control, and it ran well for a few minutos but then started what i think its called artifacting, then i o