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  1. If you must, I would very much direct that FOMO energy to getting a 3080 instead. I'm pretty the jump from 3070 to 3080 is way bigger and way cheaper than the proposed new build.
  2. AFAIK there's nowhere to even put that you don't allow returns on a Paypal invoice, and even if you did, it doesn't seem like Paypal would GAF. But anyway, happy ending, The buyer figured out it was an issue with his B550 board not being compatible with pcie4 cards, being forced to go down to pcie3 from "auto". Very negligible performance hit, but it had nothing to do with my graphics card in the end because he tested it on another pcie4 system to confirm. So I decided to issue him a small little partial refund for his honesty and willingness to patiently diagnose the issue wi
  3. Another update: He says he still can't get it to work on his main PC so he still thinks the gpu is bad afterall. He's done a windows reinstall, reset his cmos, tested 2 gpus that have no issues, and 5 different drives but it keeps sending his PC into a restart loop. I don't have a rat's idea on why it doesn't work on his main PC but works on another system, but it's not my responsibility at this point anymore right? I told him to get it checked at a Microcenter but he keeps pushing the idea of an RMA. I'm so confused, and sorry if I'm dragging this thread out too long. Update
  4. So small little update and thank you especially My buyer said it works in his other system so he says it's likely a software issue so there we go--the card is indeed not broken. He's a decent guy afterall it seems and not out here to scam me but it made me age a couple of years. Fingers crossed it works out for the both of us.
  5. He has an RM850x and I sold him a 2080 prior to this. I'll ask him to test it on another system, but honestly I bet I'm gonna just eat that $70 in the end. Hopefully this is a case of "I changed my mind and I'm lying about the GPU being broken" instead of "I accidentally fucked up the GPU" so I could still flip the card locally without messing with RMAing...
  6. He said it was acting "funky" before getting BSOD'd each time. When I told him to do a fresh reinstall with DDU he claimed it no longer was able to boot
  7. Yup, took pics of the SN on the box and the card, kept the original uneditted pics for myself and blurred out all the numbers except the first 4 in the listing itself.
  8. Got a response from r/hardwareswap mods. They said that buyers are entitled for a refund if the product doesn't work and that technically the seller should be dealing with the RMA. This is incredibly annoying.... the buyer has 100% protection and 0 risks while the seller has absolutely fuck-all... Never selling shit online anymore and thankfully the lesson was just $70.
  9. Dude... he did mention he plays New World but I thought that only affects 3090s? I don't think he's a scammer, because I had sold him another GPU before but that was a GPU I had been using for 2+ years so it definitely worked. Also he already has the invoice for my 3060ti... really not sure if that was the right move but I thought it was common practice to give them to buyers should they request for it.
  10. HardwareSwap (reddit.com) He paid via paypal invoice. No mentions of returns anywhere.
  11. Yes, my listing itself has a picture of a timespy benchmark with a gpu-z window in the background showing my exact card. I told him to do DDU first thing but he went from saying it was facing BSODs immediately upon launch to "it no longer boots".
  12. I got really lucky and scored a 3070 so I decided to sell a Gigabyte Eagle 3060ti that I had planned to use initially through r/hardwareswap. I had very briefly tested the 3060ti before using Time Spy and it worked without any issues. Come today, my buyer PMs me saying the GPU went from getting BSODs to being fully dead. He says he wants to attempt an RMA with Gigabyte and that should it get rejected, he will return it back to me for a refund. That means I'll eat up 3% Paypal fees and two shipping costs totaling $70+. My worst nightmare came true and I'm no longer gonna sell any mo
  13. I've honestly never been more happy with a product and can't believe it hasn't blown up yet. I spread the word, and had people come to me saying it has comparable results to their EK 240mm AIOs while being just $10-15 more expensive than the super budget air coolers like the 224XT/Vetroo V5. Call me a shill or whatever, but just buy this thing and get Thermalright's name blown up in the states.
  14. Damn, do you prefer the leadex cables over the AGF? I won't be doing cable extensions because my psu basement is already really crowded thanks to my HDDs. Just want something easy to work with.
  15. Shit um, I was about to order it but the leadex III came in with the $110 sale. Now I'm really trying to wrap my head around this because I forgot about the silent switch I so desired as well. So now I'm choosing between noise and cables without caps. Between these two top rated psus, do I just flip a coin?