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  1. Exact same behaviour is seen when put in another system. I don't think this is software.
  2. No it appears to spin normally initially and sounds the same. It also doesn't spin properly on idle once the initial startup fan spin stops. It's just easier to reproduce this problem under load.
  3. That's what I thought too when I tried looking up this problem but there's nothing obstructing the fans that I can see to prevent it from spinning
  4. I've noticed in the last week that the fan noise has been crazy sometimes with my 3080. I've been trying everything I can think of this morning but haven't gotten anywhere... All 3 fans spin fine and normally from a completely cold boot and then turns off as normal with the 0db mode. Temps are all normal ~38-40C idle. If I start a game or some kind of load and the fans eventually kick as they should, the fan noise is incredibly loud. Looking at it the 1st (left) fan is spinning crazy at 100% full blast, middle fan seems to spin normally and the 3rd (right) fan is not spinning