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  1. i need to update my bios but neither i cant find it and even if i do find it, i have no idea how to install it so help me by finding the bios update please ? motherboard: h55mxv
  2. i have a question, i can run gta 5 okay but when i drive a car and go fast game starts to freeze and stuttering. I figured its the ram thats not enough so after all i thought buying a ram but im not sure if its the ram that causes freeze/stutter here are my specs, can you tell me is it not enough ram or GPU/CPU power (ignore the ram and motherboard names)
  3. i have a old H55MXV model motherboard and i want to buy this ram but i have no idea will it work on my motherboard, also im open to suggestions. DDR3 Ram 2x8Gb Kingston Furry 1866Mhz
  4. Action 18-06-2021 10-55-52.mp4 When i open any kind of web browser colors go less vibrant after few seconds (I suggest you watch the last 10 seconds of the video and watching the discord server pictures) alternative link: https://streamable.com/42tst6