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  1. That’s not what I mean the apu will get floored just playing Minecraft without the gpu taking the stress off of it and I have multiple applications running like discord,voicemeeter,Spotify,etc while playing video games
  2. Before I had the gpu my apu would get maxed out at 100% the gpu takes a lot of stress off of the apu
  3. Thank you all for you help I will get a new psu thanks.
  4. So I have a 500w max psu and on the back it says there are two different switches for the power output it is currently on 110w and it can go to 500w so when I am on the 110w option my pc will shut off at random times when playing games like valorant,cod,fortnight etc so would it be harmful for me to change it to 500w system info Mother board: a68hm e33 v2 ram: 8gb crucial gpu: gt710 **I got it for 20usd dont bully me** cpu: AMD A10 5800b apu psu: arrow 500w max cooling: 1 exhaust fan 1 cpu fan