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  1. Well im going to take it as it is and see it as that im in better standings from where i was before. Thank you for your help aswell.
  2. and you are absolutely correct sir. simply slot 1 and 3 are just funky. I respect you dearly.
  3. testing now. Ill get you results in 5 mins
  4. Sorry im new to PC's. What do you mean exactly? like only running one stick of ram?
  5. I have 2 sticks of 8gbs of ddr4 ram, and a Strix b550, and a ryzen 7 5800x, but its defaulted to 2133 or something around that. Ive gone into the bios and when i enable DOCP, and then boot, it restarts, tries to start about 3 times, then runs in safe mode and i have to reset it back to default. Is this a power supply issue? if so i have a 650w evga bronze rated PSU. here are my specs just incase B550-F Strix mobo nonWIFI Ryzen 7 5800x 3600mhz trident Z neo 16 CAS NZXT Kraken x63 Strix 1070ti If you know the issue, please let me know, it would be grea