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  1. remove all storage devices exept for the one windows is installed on
  2. try that if does not work install windows on a new drive/ssd
  3. Could there by any chance be malware on the pc and how old is the hardware in the machine
  4. Is it possible that the cpu need a bios flash
  5. if its acting fine you should be alright
  6. with a device so expensive i would recommend either black friday or cyber monday
  7. get a i5-9600k a corsair 750 w psu and a 8gb stick of ram so then you'll have 16gb
  8. Its possible is it acting normal and hitting the same fps
  9. Did u shut it down by the button or unplug the psu to turn it off
  10. Dont need want because im a tech nerd and refuse to let my friend have a better pc lol plus my brother wants a new pc so if i upgrade i can give him my old ones i would like to improve performance on cod warzone and cold war and control
  11. Ok so i have a 17 10700kf and a rtx 3070 and dont know what to upgrade next what should i upgrade from these 2