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  1. I google it up and there are no videos or anything about it really, but the company behind it is called Taurus, they are pretty good is what i heard. What could be the flaw, i mean they write out exactly the cooling / psu / motherboard everything, ive seen alot of prebuilds that doesnt do that, just to hide the weak point in those parts
  2. Ya ok, the one i have there is Taurus which is a pretty famous company here, so i think u pay alot for that itself, people have mentioned they have very good cable management and so on + the warranty and such. Ive seen alot of prebuilt computers that are cheaper with the same cpu / graphic but the motherboard or psu is very bad instead and it has 512gb ssd instead of 1tb, also its like a small tower and it overheats after 1h and such. I took all the components here in this prebuild and it adds up to about $1000 without the 3060, so im basically paying around $650 for a 3060 which i
  3. Its a prebuilt computer, i cant really just switch out the parts like that u know. You wont find a prebuilt computer for under $1600 with 3060 ti and 11700k, if u do, the motherboard and psu and such would be pretty bad. In this case, both the psu and motherboard are very good. Also, the difference between 11600k and 11700k is very very small.
  4. About $1600 Better cpu? I love intel and will always use that instead of amd and since this is a prebuilt computer and it already has a 11th gen i5 there is no reason for me to change that, then i have to pick a whole new prebuilt computer since buying this and replace the cpu would be pretty stupid, especially to a amd, since i have to change motherboard too xD
  5. Please give me your opinion on the new computer, right now im on a ddr3, hdd, 970, i5 3570k, so i think the jump will be pretty huge for me. New computer: http://prntscr.com/15ts87d
  6. Im thinking of buying a new computer, what do u think about this? Case / How it looks: http://prntscr.com/15sj7i0 (airflow on top + a bit down on the sides) Specs: http://prntscr.com/15sj9nf
  7. Haha ok The Kingston A2000 1TB, is that a normal ssd or a m2-ssd and whats best? Corsair RM750, is that a gold edition psu and is it good? I looked it up and its like 7 years old
  8. Ok, cause right now i have a i5 3570k with a 970, normal hdd and ddr3 ram, so i guess its a pretty big jump then xD
  9. What u mean with "going rate" and i guess the i7 10700k / 3070 will be fine with 1080p gaming right and is the cooler good enough?
  10. Ya but buying a prebuilt computer then change alot of things seems abit pointless, only a 512gb ssd too. What do u think about the build above with the i7 / 3070? Is the cooler / motherboard and such good?
  11. Hello! I'm looking to buy a new computer, i will buy it prebuilt since parts are basically impossible to find now adays. So i have found two computers and i want your guys opinions on them as well as the difference between the two computers, whats good / bad / whats worth it and whats not money wise and so on, thanks! Computer one: https://prnt.sc/15s4qty (Around $2200) Computer two: (Around $1400) Amd Ryzen 7 4700G 3,6ghz (4,4ghz turbo) DDR4 16gb 3200mhz (2x 8gb) Nvidia RTX 3060-TI (8GB) 512gb SSD 500w (It has no i