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  1. I got an x570 elite 5950x and a 1080ti( can’t get ahold of a 3090) I built it downloaded driver for the gpu and mother bored but now it keeps going into a black screen and I can’t do anything I put it into safe mode to figure it out but I can’t. it’s just annoying me and I’ve tried to get the windows update but it I try it just crashes or blacks out so I can’t even up date it
  2. im just worried about doing the flash back how would i go about doing it
  3. i was looking all over and I have an oversight that some motherboard don't have the bios for the new amd chip set does anyone know is anyone board is plug and play or do I have to do a flash, if so I don't know hot to do a bios update or flash update, I also don't have the 3000 series cpu I'm switching from intel.