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  1. Thanks guys, this has helped alot! I'm going with the B550M WiFi you guys linked. I don't think paying twice as much for 7Gbps vs 2Gbps is worth it, even if it could save me a massive 13 seconds a year, so the one you linked is a much better deal. I COULD even get a second one, but I don't think so. And yes, I see now the U12S is actually cheaper, 600kr, I was comparing the black version which was more expensive, 829kr. Not going to lie, I never actually considered the stock cooler might be good enough, but the price of the whole upgrade is now 1000kr below my initial b
  2. TL;DR - I need help choosing a motherboard and cooler for a Ryzen 5 5600X, but would appreciate feedback on the other parts also! I am located in Norway, where parts are up to 25% more expensive due to customs. This effectively puts my budget around the $1000 USD mark, even though my true budget is $1200 USD or 10.000 NOK. :( My current computer was top-of-the-line when I built it in 2012/2013, sporting a GTX 780 and 16Gb of BLAZING FAST ~1000MHz DDR3. What pushed me to upgrade is my 100GB boot SSD. This disk has been fluctuating between 10Gb and 0 bytes of remaining s