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  • CPU
    Pentium G3220
  • Motherboard
    Consistent CMB-H81
  • RAM
    2 GB DDR3 1333
  • GPU
    Loser Intel Integrated Junk
  • Case
    I-ball Orion
  • Storage
    160 GB WD caviar Blue
  • PSU
    Antec Atom V450
  • Cooling
    Broken Stock Cooler
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    Double ewaste
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    Built in monitor speakers.
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    Arch Linux
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    Samsung Rv509 (It turns on but shuts off at the boot process {It's a motherboard problem}).
  • Phone
    Nokia 6.1 Plus and Galaxy J2 2016 running ViperOS
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  1. That email does exist though....... And it seems to be locked from a long time.
  2. Hello, I regularly come through many windows systems and one of the most frustrating things is the forced Microsoft account signup. Here's a super simple way to bypass it:- Just type the email "garbage@garbage.com" and it will automatically go ahead and continue the setup as if nothing happened Sometimes it may ask for a password (just type anything that comes into your mind and it will work)
  3. Banned because it's a problem with your screen resolution (It looks perfectly fine on my 1080p display)
  4. Banned because my school starts at 6:30 am. Also, Banned because can't you simply just turn off notifications
  5. Almost every motherboard has a special section called NVRAM which they use to store the secure boot keys (The keys will still be there if you remove the CMOS battery). So, I guess they use the same solution for TPM keys.
  6. Having it under a permissive license like BSD,MIT,Apache doesn`t mean it`s deriatives need to be open source as well (You need to have copyleft license like GNU GPL or GNU LGPL to force it`s deriatives to be free and open source as well). So, Since the license is permissive the vendors who spefically design those TPM`s don`t need to share the code so, the concept of security through obscurity applies to TPM as you will never know what data of yours they are sending to the NSA.
  7. If you get the issue only one time, Then I don't think there's any need to report it. Nothing is 100 percent safe from errors.
  8. I have tested and it was around 26 wpm (I know it's very bad)
  9. I use cash all the time whether it be local or online purchase.