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    Pentium G3220
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    Consistent CMB-H81
  • RAM
    2 GB DDR3 1333
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    Intel HD (Integrated)
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    120GB Crucial BX500 and 160 GB WD caviar Blue
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    Broken Stock Cooler
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    Double ewaste
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    Built in monitor speakers.
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    Fedora Workstation 35, Windows 8.1, Bliss OS
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    Moto G40 Fusion
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  1. Atleast it's better than Windows 11. it takes more than 2gb of ram on idle
  2. Then nothing you can do unfortunately. The best option would be to go close to the router.
  3. Is that phone carrier locked? Many careers like to be jackasses on their phones and remove basic features like these.
  4. You actually after connecting to pc and wifi turn on this option (the grayed out one in the screenshot)
  5. Go into settings and there should be a section called portable hotspot and the thering there turn on usb thethering.
  6. Do you have a anddroid phone? If yes, then connect to your wifi and then connect into usb and turn on usb thethering. You can share your wifi via cable doing this (I discovered this accidentally while troubleshotting a dead NIC)
  7. Ram is not really a problem.I use GNOME 3 with only 2gb of ram and it runs good enough. Also Lubuntu is horrible ever since they switched to Lxqt
  8. what`s the output when you type lspci in a terminal? Copy and paste it here.
  9. You should try Xubuntu. It`s very lightweight compared to windows. If you are insisted on using Linux Mint then use MATE or XFCE version.
  10. If you mean Android emulators then Bluestacks or Nox Emulator would be a good choice. If you want to get a Native Android OS then Bliss OS would be a good choice. I am not sure for any emulators for iOS
  11. New Linux distributions should work out of the box with MTP and PTP with no configuration required.
  12. I don`t use Windows 10. I Use Linux ,Windows 8.1 and Bliss OS(Android) If I try to use Windows 10 then I literally have 95% ram usage on idle.
  13. I meant that something from that era would feel faster than this when my ram fills up