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    I_Got_Lost got a reaction from Elliott Game in What do you guys think of this PFSense parts list?   
    hopefully you do a better job than @LinusTech
    Build looks good
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    I_Got_Lost got a reaction from Jerakl in Windows is a very Greedy Child   
    Looking for help trouble shooting whats going on.
    Recently ugraded my PC to win 10 from 8.1. Been googling haven't had any conclusive fixes and yes i have tried restarting my pc.
    The point is in need system to not be as greedy on the memory space!
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    I_Got_Lost got a reaction from Inventrious in Gmail Scam   
    Congratz on winning
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    I_Got_Lost got a reaction from SleathX1 in Gmail Scam   
    Congratz on winning
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    I_Got_Lost got a reaction from EdwinX in Scrapyard Wars Episode 2 - The Scrappening   
    Give yourself the weekend off
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    I_Got_Lost reacted to Tech_Dreamer in Mistyped Linustechtips.com's web address & Guess what i found..   
    First & foremost, about the link, it's safe    Go to>> http://www.linustechtips.co
    EDIT: Holy Shiznet He's here to>>. http://www.linustechtips.net/

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    I_Got_Lost got a reaction from fancyfootworks in Disco Heaven a.k.a The Tesseract (Full Acrylic Case)   
    Looks Great
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    I_Got_Lost reacted to LinusTech in Scrapyard Wars Episode 2 - The Scrappening   
    It will come.
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    I_Got_Lost reacted to LinusTech in Scrapyard Wars Episode 2 - The Scrappening   
    NCIX: http://bit.ly/1FM9kfy
    Amazon: http://geni.us/1xaO
    Scrapyard Wars has been taken up a notch. We built $300 PCs in 2 days last time, and this time we want to build $300 PCs in 3 days... but we have to liquid cool them.. without using ANY off the shelf water cooling components. Strap on, cuz dis gun be good!
    PART 1
    Vessel link: https://www.vessel.com/videos/T_47bk9-z
    YouTube link:

    PART 2-1
    Vessel link: https://www.vessel.com/videos/fzdcrEgYm
    YouTube link: 

    PART 2-2
    Vessel link: https://www.vessel.com/videos/UOMbIdorI
    YouTube link:

    PART 3
    Vessel link: https://www.vessel.com/videos/Au0zyXIMh
    YouTube link:

    PART 4 (finale)
    Vessel link: https://www.vessel.com/videos/EWX61xMrp
    YouTube link:

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    I_Got_Lost got a reaction from Knightshade0709 in You know you need to call tech support when   
    When your computer needs a restart!
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    I_Got_Lost reacted to minibois in [dead] [Unofficial] LTT beginners guide   
    EDIT [April 5th 2017]: Kinda late, but just here to say disregard this thread. Read this on instead: 
    I'm not having it deleted though, just 'preserving history'
    EDIT [August 5th 2016]:
    I am not updating this guide. A lot of the info is irrelevant at this point and there is way too much broken stuff for me to even bother.
    EDIT: as is, this entire guide is broken. This happened because of the IPBv4 update and I will soon revamp this (If I feel like this all is even relevant anymore).
    For example, pretty much all BBCode in this thread is broken  

    This thread is not meant for your questions about tech, it about learning the basics of the LTT Forum and asking question about that. Just wanted to make that clear
    We have all been new on this site once. Including me.
    I have found that this forum (and it's community) are very open and welcoming, which is great!
    What I have also seen is that there is a lack of something like a beginners guide.
    With the recent big giveaway we have gotten quite a few new forum members, so I thought this would be a good time to make this thread.  
    There's a CoC (Code of Conduct) which is pretty good and tells you some rules and there's a new build 'rules' thread which tells you what to say when you are wanting advice on a new build.
    There's also a F.A.Q., but I feel like these 3 things combined still miss a few things.
    Other than that there's not really some general tips and advice on using this forum.
    That's why I am making this thread.
    So without further postponing, here are some tips you should know as a new member.
    [spoiler='Very nice title'][/spoiler]
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    I_Got_Lost reacted to EcoBoost in TITAN X RUNNING OVER 2GHZ!   
    Does it finally match the 295X2?
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    I_Got_Lost reacted to aidanf123 in New Platform Launch Feedback & FAQ   
    Alright, so I would like to address a few things about the Vessel Change. I would like to start by saying that I am not opposed to Vessel, but there are a couple of things that I need to bring up.
    1. In regards to switching to Vessel, some of us already have account. Many of us would not only like the one year of free Vessel, but also to show our support. How are we supposed to sign up with Vessel using your affilate link if we have an account, and get the free year?
    2. This is an issue with Vessel. If I am paying for a service, I would like to think that I am getting a more premium one. However, currently the video quality on Vessel is horrendous, YouTube isn't known for its high quality, but Vessel makes it look amazing. I personally am reluctant to watch your new videos on Vessel, as the quality is really quite bad, and I feel with all the work that you put into production quality I am not doing your videos right, and I want the best experience watching them.
    3. In regards to the player, no actual quality options? This is seriously a massive thing, I want to choose whether I am in 1080p or 360p myself, and I want to choose if I want to go up to 4K. Hell, I don't even know if it has 4K! While this is an issue with Vessel, as you are switching over to such a new platform it is one which becomes yours. 
    My main complaints are not with your intentions from switching over, and I support you in it. However, if you and vessel are trying to get people to switch, I think that there needs to be a quality incentive, and not just a early access one. Vessel still feels very much in its beta stages, and needs to offer a better service to get people to switch over. I would be interested to see what all of you at LMG think about this, and if you have any idea if Vessel is planning on improving their video service (as it is what the website is for, after all). 
    Good luck with the switch LMG!
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    I_Got_Lost reacted to satanisahippy in I found a hat for my PC   
    Xbox one is on top of pc.
    The hierarchy of gaming machines in a picture.
    Xbox One is above PC like it always has been.
    Xbox One is love, Xbox one is Life.
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    I_Got_Lost reacted to Vanderburg in UPS Sends Me $90,000 in iPod Nanos   
    This was a package going from China to Canada, and somehow in Alaska, it decided to go to Kentucky, where it got my name on the box...somehow. lol There are 101 boxes with 6 iPod Nano 7th generations inside, for 606 iPods, at $150 each is... a lot of money. I first called Amazon to tell them they screwed up, but turns out, it was UPS.
    For those wondering, I am contacting people to get it straightened out and no, I'm not "keeping" any of them, I'm giving it back to them as it was given to me, with the box slightly opened, because I thought it was for me.
    Edit: I'm aware my address is visible in one of the pictures. I'm moving to a different part of the same town, so it's not a concern.
    Edit again: Went ahead and removed the address.

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    I_Got_Lost reacted to LED_Guy in Liquid metal - extreme cooling   
    Has anyone ever tried liquid metal cooling? You loose some efficiency since metals have a lower heat capacity, but you make up for it in spades with thermal conductivities that are >100 times higher.
    You can also use an electromagnetic pump (silent because the only moving part is the liquid metal). If you use metal lines then these act as radiators too - although the alloy I am thinking of using makes an amazingly good mirror.
    Liquid metal cooling is used for extreme cooling (like nuclear reactors). There are alloys with melting points well below room temperature (that don't require mercury).
    I'm thinking about trying a to build a small CPU cooler based on the concept. Thoughts?
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    I_Got_Lost got a reaction from Charger in Apartment Tech   
    Might Help?

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    I_Got_Lost reacted to VMaxMuffin in Guys, I need help (applying for a job)   
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    I_Got_Lost reacted to ShadowCaptain in Lenovo Wins "Best iPhone 6 Copy Ever"   
    So it looks like Lenovo are releasing a new phone that looks EXACTLY like the iPhone 6
    Article was from 9to5 Mac when I first saw it, but it has been on other sites too, the image was found on phone arena but there are others available to
    The Phone is called the Lenovo S90, it has the same antenna design, same camera placement , and is near identical in every way
    Funny that Lenovo hired Aston Kutcher to design their products... the same person that portrayed Steve Jobs in the movie
    here are the better photos thanks to @Joonikko for finding them


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    I_Got_Lost reacted to nicklmg in 1 Million Subscribers - Thank you all! And a giveaway!   
    Surface 3 - Fedeger
    Computer - MyMouseGoesWROOOM
    Laptop - antoainb
    You've got two weeks to claim your prize, then we'll re-draw!
    From the bottom of our hearts, thank you all for giving us the opportunity to do a job that we love - a job that is truly one of the best in the world.

    As thanks, please accept this small token of appreciation - a pretty awesome giveaway for our awesome Linus Tech Tips community members
    Microsoft Surface Pro 3
    Custom PC Built by Linus, with a case that is "signed and designed" by the Linus Media Group crew
    ASUS G550J - One of the laptops used on the HighLANder excursion, signed by Linus Media Group, Tek Syndicate, Austin Evans, and Newegg TV
    Post ONCE in this thread to enter. Include whatever you want in the post - how you found Linus Tech Tips, your favourite series or style of video on Linus Tech Tips, what product you would like to see us review in the future, heck, we'll even take a post about your favourite food. Creativity is always welcome

    This contest will run from 9/10/2014 until 9/19/2014 at 4:30pm PDT. Winners will be drawn live on The WAN Show using a random number generator.

    The Surface Pro and the custom system will be given to the first two posts that are selected in the draw, the G550J will go to a random member that we feel embodies the attitude of the linustechtips.com community (who has posted in this thread ).

    Winners will be contacted through the forum and will have 3 days to reply to claim the prize before we re-draw!

    Good luck, and again, thank you all for supporting us thus far
    Surface Pro 3 - Fedeger
    Computer - MyMouseGoesWROOOM
    Laptop - antoainb
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    I_Got_Lost reacted to Horrorfull in i7 5820K will support upto 3-way SLI, is this enough?   
    1080p gaming? Nah it won't even make it to 792p gaming. Sorry maybe in the distant future.
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    I_Got_Lost got a reaction from Falcon in Intel Back to School Promotion   
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    I_Got_Lost got a reaction from mcmad358 in Pretend build!   
    Why not use pcpartpicker.com?
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    I_Got_Lost got a reaction from <boss2939> in help   
    You can download more RAM if you need.
    Note: that looks purposely done.
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    I_Got_Lost got a reaction from legend8887 in LinusTech too popular   
    The Giveaway is hurting.
    The WAN Show smashed it today,  2000 people in the afterparty!