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  1. Oh well well well, looks like i did got scammed thanks fot the help everyone ^^ the first guy was a genius
  2. may be due to bad camera, but yea, imma check the back label later also and if i dont find a solution i will need to file for a refund
  3. well i have picture of the front label but for the back i would need to take it out of my pc. And crystall disc results are... well not the ones advertised:
  4. So i ordered 2tb disc from PNY named CS2130. It came today and i istalled it into my laptop which is Asus Rog Strix G733QS. After which i proceeded to open file eplorer but it didnt show up, so i opened YT and followed Instructions from this video: which was basically normal formatting. But after that it only showed this and so i dont know what to do, i looked for a solution but in every one there was still some black space left in that field that I should be able to to format, but here it isn't. So if anyone knows the sollution to this then