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  1. Yes, I understand that the system I am using now is good enough but my reason is two-fold. First, the system I am using right now is already pretty old. Although I have been taking care of it to my utmost best, I'm already detecting a slow down and some GPU crashes. Second, one of my family members need a similar system like mine that's why I was thinking of getting a new desktop which is a better investment IMO than getting another laptop at a premium price that I couldn't upgrade down the line.
  2. Budget (including currency): $500-$700 Country: Philippines Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: I will mainly use it for teaching and some gaming. The minimum specs I need for teaching are: Min 8GB RAM, Min CPU PassMark score of 2200, Have Windows 10 64-bit OS and Min 4GB VRAM. Other details: I currently have a 1080P monitor but planning to add a second one. All other peripherals are accounted for. Currently using a laptop with Intel i7-4720 processor with 8GB RAM and GTX960M GPU. Guys please recommend hardware that I can upgrade down the line with