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  1. The mobo was the issue.Just bought a gigabyte mobo and now its running fine.Any suggestion to make it last longer?
  2. Thanks what is process of elimination? The PC restarts more often when i put the ram in slot one but the same also happens when i put it in second one but less often
  3. thanks but what if the slots are the culprit i need a new mobo right? plus i tried with windows mem diagonise and it returned no errors
  4. i already did a fresh instal of windows but still exist.I can find whether its the problem of ram or mobo..
  5. im sorry the stupid computer repair shop guys told me the fault is with powersupply it still exists.
  6. I have posted this thread weeks back my pc restarts randomly without BSOD.i changed the PSU which was also faulty with new one but the weird problem is the restarts persists.
  7. The pc restarts when giving load on both processor and ram and gpu together.No bsod just restarts
  8. I tried with dedicated gpu and it still restarts.PSU is changed and new.Tried Rams with windows mem check and returned fine.no idea about slots.Did stress test on individual ram and cpu and returned fine.temps are fine too
  9. Already tried Linux and reformatted win 7.sometimes it work fine but still happening everynow and then