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  1. Just tried it and there was no change, I even put default settings(in msi after burner) and fps and gpu usage is still low.
  2. Usually around 70 degrees celsius and my game is on an m.2 ssd.
  3. When playing my gpu usage is low or goes from something like 70-80% down to 30%-40% and my frames drop slowing down my game. This happens when playing a minecraft mod called rlcraft through curseforge(with shaders) but I've also noticed it in vanilla minecraft(with the same shader) but it's not as big of a difference, other games might have this too but its hard to tell since all the games I play aren't very demanding. I've tried setting maximum performance in windows power settings and Nvidia control panel. It's a gtx 970 zotac and my cpu is a ryzen 5 2600(not oc'd). I tried setting the
  4. Is it normal for the tempered glass on my case to heat up? Usually only happens when my gpu is under load and usually is at about 80 degrees Celsius.
  5. I want to to change the thermal paste and thermal pads on my Zotac gtx 970 but I'm not sure what size thermal pads, any help?
  6. I can't say, I bought it off ebay.
  7. So my gtx 970 goes at about 80 degrees c under load and I already turned the fans up to 100%, is there anything I can do to lower it? Especially since it's summertime. My case is the Musetex Mesh Micro ATX Tower and I'm using the stock fans. I was thinking about buying new ones and I was looking at a Artic F12 120mm fans and I don't know which one is better or worse.
  8. Ok thanks, if it matters it's actually at 19 right now. Edit: My bad, read the number on the right and completely forgot that it was auto, I was looking at the wrong number I think
  9. So I'm testing all ram speeds right now like you said, but I'm confused on the CL part, what is that?
  10. What does that mean? The motherboard only has two ram slots and both have one 8gb stick. Sorry but I'm new to all this
  11. I have a XPG GAMMIX D20 16GB 3600 MHZ as my ram and a B450M S2H motherboard, it seems like from their website that the motherboard isn't compatible with my ram, is there anything I can do besides buying new ram(that will be a last resort option) to get to work properly, I notice some blue screens sometimes with the error usually being IRQL or something like that.