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  1. Having deleted NZXT CAM I have not expperienced a crash since and it's been well over a week.
  2. Thanks for the suggestions. I've uninstalled CAM and so far no crashes although sometimes I could go for a few days without a crash so I'll keep running withough it and see what happens and update this thread with my findings. Some searching on this forum showed a guy with the exact same problem/symptoms as me and he uninstalled CAM and it worked so it seems likely that's the problem.
  3. I have been having strange crashing issues for a while now whilst streaming videos. I watch a lot of Twitch/YouTube and during the course of watching videos on these sites my computer will partially lock up occasionally. I can move the mouse and click on things such as the exit button for my web browser, the window will close however the application stays open in the system tray. Similar activity is observed when trying to click the restart button, visually it looks like I have clicked on it but no restart will happen. During these episodes my Corsair LL120 fans will go back to their original