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  1. After putting a new 850W PSU in, I still crashed into a restart but this time it was after a game of Rainbow Six Siege (Nvidia drivers crashed twice during the game, never happened before on this system) when I got back into the main lobby and was tabbed out into my browser. Things I've tested: CPU - Furmark - Stressed to 90c for 5 minutes under AIO cooling (2x120, 2.5k RPM each) and no crash - PBO turned off as a test and still crashes GPU - Furmark - Pushed to 1950MHz for 5 minutes, no crash RAM - MemTest86 - All 16GB tested for 30 minutes in cycles, no errors - Memory is
  2. Hi, I recently received my TUF RTX 3080 OC (after waiting 6 months) and all was well for a couple of days, until I started getting random crashes. These crashes took 2 forms: - Both of my screens would freeze - no sound, no picture movement, peripherals unresponsive - Crash to black and restart After using HWMonitor and ASUS GPU Tweak II over a few days, I think I've narrowed the issue down to the GPU. In my most recent crash (10 minutes ago), it crashed to black and restarted. GPU Tweak II opened with Windows and showed 2057MHz on the