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  1. OOOOKAY. The problem or better problems are completely confirmed. So what we did when I came to his place is we both scrambled our PC's part by part and started from scratch. Two empty mobos on the table. First we put all he has in my motherboard, so GPU, CPU, RAM, SSD and connected it to his PSU which is modular so that we don't mess too much with cables. And guess what, it booted. It took like 30 seconds to even show the asrock logo, we were going to turn everything off but it booted, checked the disk and booted into his windows. After that we were very very confused since we did that earlie
  2. We have the same CPU, 2600x He has Asrock B350M Pro4, I have Asrock B450M Pro4f, he has coolermaster v750, I have Seasonic gm 650, he has 1660ti, I have Sapphire rx580 4gb,he has 1x16gb hyperx, I have 2x8 gb hyperx, he has samsung evo 970 ssd, I have kingston a2000
  3. Will do next time. Reddit hasn't helped me at all in the end so I came here. If I was at least in the America I would send this PC to linus himself. I think he would have some really good content with my problem. I'll make sure to reply here what fixed this in the end.
  4. You do have a point. Unfortunately the rest of the internet suggests different approaches since this kind of problem commonly involves problems with these specific components. I agree I should've been more open minded but as a person who fixes everything with internet I thought this problem could be fixed that way too but to no results...
  5. Yeah it would be weird if its the CPU since I never messed with it or anything but who knows. Also even tho the mobo was tested I still have a strong feeling that everything would work if I just switched out my mobo. Okay, I will make sure to answer here what happens in the end.
  6. Well because that way I can eliminate the component thats faulty. If my GPU doesn't work wouldn't putting his one in my build confirm that?
  7. I agree. Tommorow is monday so I'm taking our PC's to a repair shop. The guy will probably analize this better than us since he has a lot of parts.
  8. Well first we put his GPU in my mobo which again didn't work. So we thought my GPU may be okay after all and we put it in his PC which didn't work. After that I guess is when his pc started having the same problem. Yes tried single channel RAM.
  9. It's definitely a weird one. Especially how he has the same problem now too. I've tried to boot it with only CPU and fan, GPU and one stick of RAM which didn't work. After that I was 99% mobo is the problem so I tried to RMA it but the sellers tested it and said it worked fine. After that suspicion fell on my GPU of course but after putting his 1660ti in my PC the problem persists. I don't know what to try now.
  10. Yes, mobo supports the cpu. Everything was working fine for 6 months until one point where I just went to restart my PC and it ended up in an infinite shutdown and after that and infinite boot. Unfortunately no, I have no onboard speaker or anything similar.
  11. Recently I've had a fairly common problem where my PC boots but gives no signal on monitor(fans and led's all light up) . I've tried EVERYTHING. From cables, changing monitors, clearing CMOS, testing another PSU(friends) , breadboarding with/without different components, reseating every component, every cable, looked for shorts, sent my MOBO on testing and possibly RMA since it was my main suspect, it worked fine there... So after days of trying everything I contacted a friend to help me troubleshoot further since he's into PC's and was willing to help. Since the mobo is clear, our main sus