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  1. yeah idk how to configure this router after setting it to AP mode
  2. how do i do this? do i go to it's network settings and edit it to match my main router's ipv4 address? (
  3. Extras: i tried channel 1,6,11 on the secondary router. Got the same speed. (With 40mhz as default, also tried 20mhz) Since my secondary router's supports 5ghz wifi, i expected it to give me better speed compared to it's 2,4ghz wifi. But it's as fast if not slower than the 2,4ghz wifi. Any idea why that is?
  4. Main router: HG8245H5 Secondary router: PRC3801 Repeater: generic wireless repeater from aliexpress Pc wireless adapter: Tl-wn881nd Phone: Poco f1 Pc's Ethernet port is gigabit. The main router's 2,4ghz network gives me about 30~ mbps, my secondary router (connected to main router through lan) gives me about 8~ mbps on my phone and 30~mbps(wirelessly) on my PC. The cheap wireless repeater got the same speed as my secondary router. (It's just extending the main router's signal) _____________________________ Testing ethernet on each cable
  5. just 3 settings for gfx stuff. like it literally says gfx on them
  6. I was looking for pbo and can't seem to find it Cpu: 3200g Mobo: b450 a-pro max
  7. is this safe? should i set a constant voltage?
  8. is there any other solutions to this? or do i just have to get a static ip address?
  9. hey, i fiddled around the router's webpage and found this, do i have CGN?
  10. the server failed to bind to the port when i add my public ip
  11. if WAN ip address means public ip address, then no. my public ip starts with a 158.
  12. also, i tried hosting the server on my neighbours wifi and it worked flawlessly! we use the same ISP, but they have a MediaAccess TG389ac High Power router, while i have the HG8245H5 would that have an effect on it?
  13. Its blank I'm sorry but I don't understand what that means and how i check for it
  14. clicked "check port" a few times, got mixed results what and how do i check for that?
  15. i spammed the check port button, it said "port open" for 3 times, then changed to "port closed"