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  1. still whats the rush to move to a newer OS? I mean I want to try it but I am in no rush! win10 will have support until 2025..
  2. Most Ryzen CPUs have it so why so many users cry about the TPM issue..
  3. Hello forum! My Ryzen 9 5900x has sTPM on it. I was wondering if I can use it instead of "TPM" so that I can try windows 11 :)
  4. Can you share your system specs? It might be trying to run in PCI-e gen 4 mode and your board does not support it (cant know for sure without specs.) If your board had support for gen 4 (like some B450 did) maybe its what causing an issue, try updating bios for start It could help.
  5. Any way to check at what speeds the M.2 socket is running? I have no slots left lol, only 2 the top one is used for the 960 evo the bottom one is for the MP600, GPU Z says my GPU is running at 16X that means the top one is running at 4X speeds.
  6. Hi everyone, I got a bargain price on the Corsair MP600 4th gen NVMe SSD, but its slower then my 960 EVO. I am using it on a PCI-E Gen 3 m.2 slot I know it should be slower but that slower then a 5 year old drive. I am adding a Screen shot of CrystalDiskMark Specs are: 10900K Strix-E Z490 motherboard