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  1. GTX 1660 Asus TUF Gaming B550M-Plus Wifi (MATX) Ryzen 3 2200g Vega KlevKlevv Bolt X 3200 8GB x2
  2. OOOH I SEE then may i ask base on what u see, should i stick w wireless (5g) or should i stick with ethernet??
  3. the only issue i can see is on my ethernet, im running at 100mps but on my wifi im running on 500mps, so im confused what speed am i running on exactly?
  4. so does that mean im running at 2.4ghz? or 5ghz?
  5. hi im reallt sorry, im not really very well versed in tech terms can u explain to me again? i updated my topic to include a image. im sorry to keep bothering u sir
  6. My modem have 2 networks 2.4ghz and 5ghz. i just bought an ethernet cat7 cable half an hour ago and plugged it into my pc. it worked...sorta, my ethernet cable is only connected to the 2.4ghz and i cant switch to the 5ghz one. as u can see in the image i uploaded, my wifi connection is connected to my 5g network but my ethernet is connected to my 2.4ghz ones. can some1 teach me how to change the ether2 connecttion to my 5ghz one