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  1. Hi. So I noticed this in Microsoft Flight Simulator at first but I'm noticing it in other games now too. I have no idea what it is. I'm seeing some weird texture/patterns in what seems to be lighting, reflections, or shadows areas of games. I've tried messing with a few of the graphics settings in the games, as well as in the Nvidia Control panel and couldn't get it to go away. But I really have no idea what it is to know where to start. I haven't found any other posts that seem to describe what I"m experiencing. I'm sure there probably are some, I just don't know what to search for because I'
  2. Another update here. I've replaced my memory and just recently my MB. I'm still get restarts while gaming. I got my new MB yesterday and I've played for about 2 or so hours and then my system froze in the middle of the game and restarted. I did not get a blue screen. Previously sometimes I'd get a blue screen other times I would not. So it seems like the same problem. The game that this occurred in was Gears of War 5. I've had this happen in other games before (and even once or twice just in windows). But this time I played several other games for a hour or so and then gears fo
  3. So update here. I've been speaking with Corsair's support team and they seemed to think it was either my memory or my PSU. After a lot of memory testing it was not still clear what it could be. They sent me a brand new power supple (Mine was still under warranty) and after hooking it up I'm unfortunately still getting the same problem. Prior to getting the new power supply I ran each individual memory stick on the memtest86. All of them passed except for one that did not pass or fail, my system just restart when testing it. I ran the test a second time on this same stick and it did
  4. @jaslion so I decided to test each stick individually and found 2 sticks wouldn't complete the test and just cause my system to restart during the test. The other two passed the memtest86 with no errors. So I just took out my two sticks that were causing my system to restart and left my other 2 in so I could keep using my system until i got the warranty taken care of. Well, bad news, I gamed for about 30 minutes and my computer just rebooted on its own. Is it possible that I have bad memory and a bad PSU? Kind of surprising if that is the case. Is there anything else I can troubl
  5. @jaslion I ran the memtest86 and before the test completes my computer just restarts. I tried it twice now and both times it restarted about 5 minutes into the test. I did not get an test complete message or anything, just a flat out restart. Does this indicate it's a memory issue or would it be something else since the test isn't even able to complete? Thank you again in advance.
  6. I just tried turning of XMP profile in my BIOS and I gamed for abut 45 minutes and got BSOD. I also just read someone having a similar situation that used XMP put slow increased voltages because memory wasn't getting enough power. That seemed to stabilize it for them. Is this something I should potentially try? I don't mess with memory voltages much. I'm going to try some testing with memtest86 next.
  7. @ardwivedi16 I'm suspicious of this, but a lot of what I'm reading is that the 8pin on its own is plenty of power for my CPU. But I'm not ruling this out. Unfortunately my PSU didn't come with another 4pin for me to use, so I'd need to look at picking up an extra one. I think I'll test out some of the potential issues with memory and my SSD and then dive into my PSU a bit more.
  8. @jaslion I'm not familiar with memtest86, but I'll look into it. Thank you for the suggestion and help! Sounds like a great way to narrow down if it is my memory or not. Also, I'm a little suspicious of my PSU as well. My last motherboard would give me a message if it was a power surge related issue. I haven't seen any of those message yet, but I don't think my new motherboard will give me those messages. I'm going to give Corsair a call and see if they have a way I can further diagnose it. Thank you again!
  9. @Analog thank you for the reply! I realized that I listed my memory stats wrong in my original post. My Memories clock speed is 3600MHz (I updated my original post). So when I was running it at 3400MHz then 3200MHz I was clocking down form 3600MHz, but I was still using an XMP profile to do that. Understanding that I'm assuming you'd still make the same suggestion in that I take off the XMP profile and let it run on the standard JEDEC, right? One clarification, I don't know what JEDEC actually is (I'll do some reading), but if I go into my BIOS and just turn off the XMP profile and
  10. Hi All. Huge thank you in advance for anyone taking a look at this and helping out. Short Version: When gaming my system will restart (power does not completely cut). Usually I get a frozen screen that goes pixilated, and and then my system restarts. No error messages. OR I'll crash and get the WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR message. Both happen while gaming. What I've Done: Updated bios to latest version Latest windows 10 updates Latest GPU driver udpates trying monitored temps (see below) Uninstalled MSI Dragon Center Formatted system and fresh install