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  1. One thing I didn't mention, and have no idea if it matters or not. But the gpu fans spin on start up, but do not continuously spin like the rest of the case fans.
  2. I just tried and had no luck, thanks for the suggestion tho
  3. I just tried that, and it didn't do anything. Thanks for the suggestion tho
  4. I just upgrade a bunch of stuff in my computer, and now it won't post. I got new WD ssds, a ASUS TUF gaming x570-plus mob, a Corsair RM 650x, and some vengeance rgb pro ram ( 8x2 ). I am reusing my Ryzen 2700x and my 1060. I am getting fan spin, and all the rgb in my computer turns on, there just not post, nothing happens to my monitor, when I start it up, it's not even reading a signal. There is also a red Led on the mother board with the text "CPU" next to it. But my CPU was working yesterday, when I took it out of my old rig. I have alread