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  1. Alright, so my current laptop isn't aging very well and for the new school year I am in need of a new laptop. I'm having a bit of trouble deciding but here's what I need/do: I mainly write so a good keyboard is a must. I video edit occasionally. I don't game. And windows 10 is my preferred OS. Sub-$1000. Something that is portable enough, so < 2kg.
  2. alienware, the xps one seems to have insufficient cooling bc it's a home pc.
  3. The flow kicks the m1 macbook. You should probably use the asus rog flow
  4. Laptops aren't supposed to slow down like that in just 3 years. But to speed things up, you want to run an antivirus program to scan for any types of viruses because those can slow a drive down. If you're on a pc, press Win + R, and type 'temp', ctrl + a and delete everything that's not in use there. It's the temporary files folder that windows stores to perform certain tasks. If there is something in use, skip deleting it. Press Win + R again for run cmd and type '%temp%'. It's another temporary files folder and repeat with the previous step. Try to stop any startup programs and background ap
  5. What processor do you currently have? Because video editing is processor heavy. You can run csgo and cad BUT the cooling system needs to be good enough so that it doesn't thermal throttle like crazy
  6. I'm running an hp envy x360 from 2017 (r5 2500u, 8Gb ram, 1tb storage) and an iphone 6