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    Calisthenics, Hiking, Traveling, Camping, American Football, Guns, Geography, Computer


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    Intel i9-10850K
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    Asus ROG Strix Z490-E
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    G.Skill Trident Z 32GB (2x16GB) 3600 CL16
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    Asus ROG Strix RTX 3080Ti OC
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    CoolerMaster MasterCase H500 ARGB
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    Samsung 970 Evo Plus 1TB
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    SeaSonic PRIME Ultra Gold 1000W
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    ASUS VG248QE
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    Logitech G815
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    Logitech MX518
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    Sennheiser HD 599SE
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    Windows 10
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    Lenovo Y70-70 (2015)
    with Linux Ubuntu 1804
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    Sony Xperia XZ Premium

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  1. I think @Chris Pratt really has some good points here. Like he said for 1080p, which still is the most common resolution people play on, you really don't need much more than a 1060. Since I want to switch to 4K I went ahead and got a 30 series (didn't pay scalped prices though). Otherwise I would have stayed with my 980ti since it is still a very capable card at 1080p, even played cyberpunk at a mix of high and medium settings at about 50FPS. Maybe I would have tried getting something like a 1080ti (just to have some overhead plus 900 series is next for eol) but definitely wou
  2. To be honest I never had any issues with Ubisofts launcher but I also never buy Ubisoft games outside of their own store. I never used EGS but it seems like the problem starts there. Have you started it through EGS before?
  3. The recoil shooting blanks is significantly less than shooting real ammunition, so I don't see the point in the recoil thing. Even shooting real ammunition the recoil you see on another person that is trained and knows how to keep the gun on target is very very minor when shooting 5.56 or 9mm (even with .45 or 7.62) for example and even someone who is shooting for the first time doesn't move a lot when shooting one of those. Which is what I meant with everyone reacts differently (bad wording on my part), the way you react depends only on two factors the amount of training a person has and the
  4. I personally wouldn't feel comfortable pointing a real gun at someone or a direction that isn't safe even if it is a movie set and supposedly blank rounds. As that goes against a few rules of gun safety, "don't point a gun at something you are not willing to destroy" and "always treat guns as if they are loaded". Which in my opinion bb guns or de-milled guns that physically cannot shoot real ammunition would be my preferred choice especially these days where you can do pretty much anything with after-effects. I beg to differ as everyone reacts different to recoil and I don't thi
  5. Like others said the benchmark normally doesn't stutter especially with hardware on that level. Warzone seems like the biggest stutter fest based on forum posts (haven't played it myself). Like I said it seems like your CPU is most likely responsible for the stutters based on the information I have. Try running your games on higher settings. Also a few things that might help setting windows to max performance and turning threaded optimization on in the NVIDIA control panel. I don't have experience with 20 series cards but compared to my 980ti I did not make the sa
  6. Depends on how much a few years are in your eyes. Generally it is true that there really hasn't been anything truly new and innovative especially from AAA studios. There were some good AAA games over the last 5 years imo: AssassinsCreed Odyssey, RDR2, Forza, COD MW, Hitman to name a few I played. (Yes there are a few more like Resident Evil, DOOM,... but those really aren't my style of games ) Cyberpunk was supposed to be the one but we all know how that turned out
  7. As you can see your overall score is pretty much average which is OK. Your CPU score is a bit low. The average for an i7-10700 is ~10100. By the way you posted you have an 10700K but 3D Mark says its a non K. Your GPU score is about where the 3070 averages and actually a few points lower than that which is probably because of your CPU. So If anything I would start with your CPU and RAM which seem to be the issue. Can you post the link to that score?
  8. No. You can get the 3D Mark Demo for free on Steam which is all you need.
  9. Yeah I fucking know but what does that have to do with anything here? I was just correcting the person I quoted who said F1 cars acceleration was worse than that of a road car which it isn't.
  10. Since you are pretty much only talking about R6. It was my go to game until about ~2019. I lost interest because with the increase in player count the experience got noticeably worse. The community went down the drain, I mean it is probably one of the most toxic and crybaby like communities in gaming right now. That combined with the new operators that are getting increasingly stupid, the map reworks that make every map the same maze which negates any actual tactics and the increasing amount of fishy players (wallhacking and shit like that) at higher levels (used to be ~plat3 (1.7KD and 60%WL)
  11. Thats just Cities Skylines. That game depends more on the CPU than anything. To me those numbers seem normal for Cities Skylines and unless your utilization is low in other titles two I don't see a problem. With 24/7 do you mean even outside of games?
  12. If you have to choose between those two, Wildlands. I haven't played Breakpoint but what I saw in videos was a big turn down for me. Honestly I don't get the Ubisoft hate. Yes many of their games are open world and haven't really evolved in the last 5 years but neither have other AAA games. To me Ubisoft games are still enjoyable (at least those I played recently). I think the problem is the gaming industry as a whole (especially AAA studios) and in that industry Ubisoft is somewhere in the middle if not a bit higher in terms of their product quality imo.
  13. Could be that your problem is CPU or RAM if using higher settings makes it better. Gonna ask again: Have you tried any benchmarks like 3DMark TimeSpy or so? If not please do so.
  14. Since you can only get and use M1 with Apple stuff I don't care nor do I consider it competition. Also Apple likes to compare their shit to other shit when in reality those aren't even on the same level, like when they compared their pro Display XDR vs the Sony BVM-HX310. Which means regarding performance just wait for 3rd party reviews and benchmarks because seriously you cannot trust 1st party benchmarks and things like that, which is true for every brand out there. Whats up with all these car analogy's? They are bad just stop. What? You do realize that F1 car