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  1. Fair enough, thank you for getting back to me. I'll let my notification expire, and hopefully the next person in line that is notified to order it is a gamer. One can hope.
  2. Thank you; I already emailed and submitted a ticket on the website. I didn't know about the tagging though, so I added those.
  3. Hi, can someone tell me the fastest way to contact someone at LTT? I put my name in for notification on two different types of EVGA 3080 Hybrid cards, thinking one would become available long before the other. Turns out the first one was available last week, which I ordered and will keep, and I was just notified that the second one is also now available. I do not need it and won't try and resell it myself, but I would like to order and have it shipped direct to LTT for to use in the Verified Gamer program, which they can then compensate me at just the cost I pay (around