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  1. Not really it has all the specs I was looking for in a board. If I did a custom loop it would be for the cpu only as there is no gpu block for my ASRock 6900xt.
  2. Temps? Have my parts getting ready for a new build. What are you guys Temps looking like and what are you cooling yours with? I am pairing mine into a Dark Hero viii and a lian li galahad 360mm in a corsair 1000d (got it for 250 usd used). I may purchase another case.
  3. Thinking about just putting an lian li 360mm aio in the system and saving the extra $$. Yeah the case may look empty, but I can put the money into a new keyboard and mouse.
  4. True but for 250 usd, it was a steal to get a decent case with lots of airflow in it! When I finally can afford a caselabs case, they go out of business. Im going to put other DYI mods in my case, such as custom back plates and other aesthetics.
  5. I'd go for the Ryzen 5800x, get a better board, and at least a 850watt PSU if you have the funds to afford it, if not, get a better MOBO for that intel chip.
  6. I also upgraded my monitor to a 38 inch ips widescreen monitor, so the gpu is gonna be working hard. Only thing from ekwb I was gonna get is the d5 pump if I go watercooling. Everything else will be alphacool and corsair.
  7. I want a low noise system. I have currently a ryzen 1700x and a 1080. Both are overclocked with a aio and Air cooled and my system is quiet. I heard these new cpus and cards can get really hot under loads.
  8. I don't have anything yet, just the main components and the case. No watercooling components whatsoever.
  9. I have a build Im going to do and just acquired a Corsair 1000D for 250 bucks used, but in great condition. The owner never did a watercooling pc and just used an AIO. I have a 5950x and a ASRock 6900xt (no waterblock made for it yet, but Corsair's GPU block can be modified to fit, just have to remove the metal shroud) and want to watercool this PC build. I want to know is it worth it? Temp wise is the cost worth the additional 1100 bucks?
  10. I see now. I'm coming from a 1700x and a 1080 using an AIO. My new Build with the Alienware 38 monitor is at 6k usd. Another 1.2k is about to be spent on the watercooling alone.
  11. I've decided to just send it back an get a 1200 watt PSU instead. Didn't know about power spikes like that. I don't need a system frying or constantly shutting down on me.
  12. I used the calculator to get 537 watt usage on everything else except the pump and 25 fans. With everything I estimate about another 100 watts. 20 for the pump, 60 for the fans since they use about 2 watts per fan, and another 20 wats for margin of error. That will put me about 640ish watts. 210 more watts to play with.
  13. Hello everyone! I am building a new PC but decided to try my hand in a custom loop. I originally was going to use an AIO and have everything to build the PC, but decided to change it up to a custom loop. I will be sending some parts back, like the AIO and maybe the Lian Li fans. The Corsair 1000D will have 2 480 RADS and one 360 RAD to cool the CPU and GPU in one loop. I have a Corsair 850w Gold certified and was wondering if this PSU would be enough to run a 5950x, ASRock 6900xt, 32gb or RAM @ 3600, a pump, 2 M.2 NVMEs, 2TB HDD @ 7200, 13 Lian Li SL 140mm fans, 11 other fans hidden on top of
  14. They are both great picks! If I were in the market for a 32 inch it is tough to choose. I am looking at an Ultrawide or 43 inch right now. The Alienware AW3821DW or the Aorus 43FVu.