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  1. I the 2700x running on a PC with virtual V. By default Hyper V is running 8 Processors my question is How many Vurtual processors can i use with Microsoft Hyper-V running 2700x? do threats count?
  2. i did it but forgot what it was called that made it stay at lower speeds and i'm super happy. CPU is always cool even when running at high loads. I underclock the ram too from 3200 stock to 2400 lower the cpu core volts to 1.1 here is a pic. once i can restart the pc which will be a while i will lower the speed even more because what i need doesn't need high clock speed. i'm using 3900xt for my rig but when i saw the 2700x for $130 at microcenter wow i got it and i couldn't be happier. What i change was something that has a 100 number to 95 or 90 somewhere along those numbers and the spe
  3. Hello there. I've been searching the internet again and when i search youtube how to underclock your cpu i get 1 hour videos and all overclock. I got two desktops and one of them i want to run as a server and need it to run as cool as possible. I set the clock speed to 3200mhz but the cpu speed still shows at 4ghz. it's annoying as hell. i don't want this thing to run fast i've change all settings possible. ' I have an asus motherboard B550. I need my base speed to be my cpu speed. motherboard crashes when i go below 3200mhz
  4. @Electronics Wizardy Well thanks to you i was able to find a solftware that limits iops in your hard disk with out installing anything else so thanks. This is kinda cool. You have helped me so much, All i did was search a iops software tool which is famous in the server industry to preventing from crashing among other things and to keep servers running smooth. Well i'm happy and my first post in Linus i was able to find what was looking for.
  5. can't say sorry. I say VM i guess it will be ok if it does work but i was looking for hardware or a specific software for this. I'm sure there is i just have to search deeper.
  6. sounds good thanks sounds little complicated for 1 task that i need. If anyone out there knows another way maybe something i can install in my PCI-e slot that would be awesome too.
  7. Hello there! Been searching youtube and not a single channel has any tips to help me with this. I can't use flash drives since they can't handle the many writes and reads. all i find which is annoying is how to optimized your harddrive/.ssd speed that's no where near what i'm looking for. I look for very old sata cables and they run to a 150mb/s speed which is too much vs 20MB/s speed that i need. I have ryzen 3900xt m.2 slots with 128GB ram this is not an old pc although it isn't the newest i have no need to upgrade. Reason i need this is a personal experiment but i'm willing to pay for