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  • CPU
    Xeon e5 2176m
  • Motherboard
  • RAM
    16gb Samsung
  • GPU
    Quadro p1000
  • Case
  • Storage
    Nvme 1tb
  • PSU
    450 or 650watt battery
  • Display(s)
    Laptop display, Acer external
  • Cooling
    2 fans
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Sound
    Bose Bluetooth, minus the Bluetooth
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  1. I've made no progress on the pump issue with my build but I can share my surprise with another recent development. When taking the p4000 from the donor system I put a unknown 1gb gpu in it because that dual Xeon beast still has kick ass potential, but now I don't need any more graphics capability than to see the screen. The 1gb card plays 1080 YouTube videos smooth so I couldn't be happier. What confuses me is that the GPU doesn't appear in my system info, control panel, not register on any online bench test. It obviously works & exists but I know nothing about it other than it's old, blue, & the guy who gave it to me said it was 1gb 😅

    1. For Science!

      For Science!

      Did you manage to get a fan to spin on the jumped PSU?

  2. Pump Pumps typical power source The PSU to sata to 4pin
  3. I know which is which, I've tried 4 different PSUs. The pump is clearly dead & y'all's second guessing whether I know the difference between a male & female 4pin is not helpful.
  4. The fan has a female plug as well, unless I've mixed up which is the RGB & which is the power
  5. The pump has a male plug coming off of the pump itself, I was powering it with a female plug connected to the PSU
  6. Both the fan & the power cable for the pump are female plugs I can't just plug it in
  7. Well good news is there's no leaks in the loop. Bad news is the pump isn't going so now I have to drain the line & buy a new pump don't I?
  8. This is the pump, I didn't install it, I got it from a guy in a parking lot
  9. So, I've jumped the power supply, disconnected everything except the sata-4pin adapter that's connected to the pump & it isn't pumping. I just wanted to see the motor spin before I go full send & fill the reservoir but I've tried powering it on with 4 different PSUs & same thing, PSU on, pump doesn't go. Does it need water to run? Has anyone filled a loop like this who can help me out?
  10. I might try it on a future build, but I literally just posted a thread of me waterblocking my Quadro
  11. I'd say it's a build after my own heart, I'm all about the cheap to no-cost improvements. It looks good for being hammered.
  12. So when I was about to start I was surprised by a lack of how to videos online. So, I made shit up as I went. This is the gpu without it's case (yes that bag under it holds a k80 which is up next) Now I could see that the Waterblock would be plenty big enough for this GPU & I could breathe easy, but only for a moment. The casing needed to be cut down & the Dremel was dead, so I hand filed it down with my Leatherman. That's why there's so many scratches. Now I figure I have to keep as much of the original appearance of the GPU as I can so w
  13. Well, as if I needed more stuff. I got a lead on a 20$ deal for 18 towers, 21 monitors, & some junk. At that price it's more of a how couldn't you say yes

    1. Bombastinator


      Great if you can move em. Perhaps not so clgreat if you can’t.  If any or em are CRTs and you can’t retal disposal cost of a CRT is in the $20-$50 range where I am.  As in it costs that much to dispose of per tube.

    2. Beat_my_Laptop


      No crts, 1 tower is 15 years old, the monitors & remaining towers are 10 years old

    3. Bombastinator


      8 minutes ago, Beat_my_Laptop said:

      No crts, 1 tower is 15 years old, the monitors & remaining towers are 10 years old

      Well if they can’t game they can probably still word process.  With that kind of age you’re likely looking at 2 or 4 core intel or bulldozer. 4/8 intel stuff will play up to PS4/xboxONE games with enough video card.  If all there are are 1080p monitors you could make 1080p gaming machines out of them maybe.  Cards wouldn’t be expensive. Stuff that size is below the mining gradient so still close to list.  I wouldn’t bother with 4/4 or lower or any bulldozer stuff.  That stuff will still do office work though quite often.  I kinda doubt you have anything there that will meet win11 requirements.

  14. Every hip techie has a 3d printer. Yesterday I watched a documentary on art and design & each person interviewed in their office had a 3d printer, one lady had a different type of 3d printer on each of her desks. I too will likely one day get a 3d printer (or multiple if the cash flows) but I'm not a trend chaser, I'm a doer. That's why my techier tools include a CNC, laser engraver, & a circut.


    in the coming days as I unpack you'll see not only my old computer haul, budget build, & upcycling projects, but also the building of an intense maker space- in very little space. I went over budget on the PC but got way more resellable things than I ever planned, & I'm furnishing my place with things I got out of dumpsters, free on craigslist, or cheap af from use building supply stores. I'm pretty sure I'm building the maker space out of used doors & abandoned cinder blocks.