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  • CPU
    Xeon e5 2176m
  • Motherboard
  • RAM
    16gb Samsung
  • GPU
    Quadro p1000
  • Case
  • Storage
    Nvme 1tb
  • PSU
    450 or 650watt battery
  • Display(s)
    Laptop display, Acer external
  • Cooling
    2 fans
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Sound
    Bose Bluetooth, minus the Bluetooth
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  1. I have a new workstation laptop, it sounds like a drone some days
  2. That's the whole question. Every cpu I've handled has been vaguely the same thickness, very slim, when the Threadripper needs more power it builds out rather than up or say in a pyramid. Why is this? Is this one of those things that could change with additive manufacturing techniques advancing? I understand thermodynamics enough to know a shape with high & low points would have more variance in reps across it's surface because of convection & so forth, but couldn't that be used to the advantage of the cpu as well? Is there a real good reason my cpu can't be shaped like a cyli
  3. I used to work with my laptop, in my lap (duh right?). Then it got so hot the burning smell was my cotton pants near the wake of the exhaust vents. Now when I know I'm gonna put it under load I pick it up and set it on 2 3.5" blocks (a pair of novelty playing card decks I kept near my desk) to maximize the airflow to the two fans many to cool my Xeon & Quadro. Unless your build is an insane oil submersion or wacky subzero chill- airflow is key, giving your device access to more air is the easiest thing. Keeping that room chill or directing a fan towards it is even better (cellphones, table
  4. Can & should are two different things, keep your clocks moderate & be mindful of your PC cooling, I think you'll be fine unless you put an intense load &/or clock on it
  5. You'll notice a difference unless your x570 is bottom of the barrel junk, forwards compatibility is always lacking, I don't think it's extreme in this case but you can expect a small drop in cpu (~2%), cheaper PCB, fewer phases, usually cheaper integrated audio, fewer & slower ports, poorer cooling... By the time b550 boards get good, they're the same price as mid teir x570s that will better suite your needs. I'd only buy b550 for a legacy build or if the ~130$ bottom teir x570s were never going to be in your budget but someone gave you a Ryzen handmedown
  6. Yeah, & if you have parts already, the gpu is universal but your cpu socket will narrow the list real fast (especially at your budget).
  7. Ok, you'll probably do best with a mid level Intel (probs around i5) paired with a really old Quadro (I think Quadro 480s are cheap).
  8. I heard that there's a VM that can run a second OS with your main OS usually used Windows with Linux or Linux with Windows to use apps that aren't compatible with the main OS. I thought this was literally called "Shadow VM" but I haven't been able to find a downloadable VM by that name. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Will Blackarch Linux play nice running with Windows Pro (might be windows Pro for workstations)?
  9. Will hot ram raise the case's ambient temps?
  10. That's kinda my thought, when I build the water loop, I might as well just cool everything that wants to be cool while I'm at it, less work & money than potentially doing it later.
  11. That part was clickbait, I'll admit. Any citation?
  12. I'm aware ram & NAND are different, I was posing an example. You say "RAM has huge heatsinks for a reason" but then "you can burn money on ram waterblocks... it's kinda pointless." It's 25$ for 2 ram heatsinks, 50$ for 2 heatsinks with a Waterblock, if it likes to be cool why not cool it? What you said seems to disagree
  13. If I shouldn't Waterblock my ram then why do they sell it? Universal ram waterblocks are fairly cheap seeming (50$ ish). But in yesterday's post (& a Linus vid) I learned in SSDs, NAND likes to be hot and Controllers cool. Is ram the same way? Is cooling ram just for aesthetics? The plan is to run 2x32gb at 3600 in a workstation with a custom softline waterloop, should I add a universal ram waterblocks to the loop just because I can?
  14. Yeah, if it wasn't for those programs I could absolutely cheese out with a bottom tier gpu just to give me 2 basic screens. So for cpu & gpu x4 refers to average benches and anything within x3-x5 benches I consider based of of caches, clocks, price, & use cases whereas ram is literally x4, I have 16 let's jump to 64gb. I'd love the headroom & not to have to build a new PC in the 5-8 year range but I could use that cash to maintain my motorcycle, also I doubt I'd ever fill the Threadripper's ram channels. I think the 5950x is probably the way to go unless I get lucky buyin
  15. Have you looked for audio source drop-down menus in your settings? I have only one port for microphone or headphones so Everytime I put in a mic I have to select it's a mic & at every program I have to navigate to a drop-down to select the mic, the list becomes crowded with application names if you run filters or have a secondary audio card so you may have to just try them 1 by 1 like I did. Odds are the bios update tripped something in windows that reset your defaults or lost your installed mic-specific drivers.