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  1. I have recently built a new PC and when I attempted to install windows it had a BSOD. After further troubleshooting I figured that the windows installation was corrupt. After a few reinstalls and the normal tips for troubleshooting (Disk Check)(SFC)(DISM)(Ram Checks)(CPU and GPU Stress Tests) and there were no issues. SFC and DISM would Just fix it until I turned the computer off or restarted. I have tried every fix in the book. Help will be greatly appreciated. Specs: R7 2700X, GTX 1650 G6 (Asus), Aorus B450 Pro Wifi Rev 1.0 Bios:62A, Corsair LPXDDR4 (8x4), Windows Build: Win 10 Home 21H1
  2. I have tried plugging into the wall and it also sometimes trips. I am sure that its from the PSU. Is there any chance my one is defective.
  3. My Specs: R7 2700x Gtx 1650 Asus TUF 4x 8gb LPX DDR4 Aorus B450 pro wifi. P1 NVME SSD CX 750M. When my computer starts booting I can hear the surge protection tripping. Is this caused by a unstable or defective PSU? All and any help will be appreciated.