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  1. I added more pictures. This thing is GA15DH LED CR BD Rev. 1.2. I know there is labels, but i wonder if those are 5v argb leds like the rest in the case or 12v rgb led.
  2. So i have this ROG Strix GA15 case. In front of the case is aura sync lights which are run by this pcb and also the lights inside. What i am wondering here is that as in the picture there is led and cooler led pins. I guess 4 would mean 12v rgb. Is there a way to test those without worrying burning anything or anything where i could get clue what those really are? I did remove it but forgot to take pictures of the other side. I think this is for running aura sync trough usb since the motherboard do not have any pins for leds. EDIT: I guess i did say it unclear. This is part of