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  1. As it can be seen by the picture there is a weird and unpleasant color shift between dark colors or in dark scenes and ambients, it looks almost pixelated. I've seen somewhere it isn't always just a video quality problem but I can't remember. (the screeshot is from a video I was whatching, but I know it can happen like in games too). So basically I want to know what can cause this (is it a monitor, gpu or settings problem or maybe in this case it is just bad video quality), how is the problem called or defined (if it is) and how it would be fixed. P.S. If it's a monitor problem than
  2. thanks dude that's exactly what I was looking for. Do you have any links by chance?
  3. nah man I bought the atx non-wifi one
  4. I don't know if this is the place to post but here I go. So I built my system on a tuf b550 gaming-plus mobo which supports wifi through an m.2 module type E, so I wanted to buy one but I noticed that with the module should come either 1 or 2 antennae depending on what you buy, but there's no place to put them. I've seen some videos where they're mounted in some holes in the back IO shield of the mobo but mine doesn't have them; and these modules usually don't seem to come with a back slot like usual pcie devices because obviously it isn't one. So basically, where do I mount the antennae?