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  1. im currently downloading 3dmark itll take a bit but i just upgraded the psu so there shouldnt be any issues
  2. Bios is up to date DOCP is disabled and i did have 2400mhz ram before this and same issue happened
  3. and i made sure to wipe my computer so its fresh
  4. i went from Intel to Ryzen,, currently on new pc the specs are Motherboard- Asus prime x570-pro Cpu- Ryzen 5900x Graphics- Msi 1060 6gb Ram- Ballistix 3600 mhz 2x8 Power supply- Corsair rm750x
  5. Hi i just upgraded my system and in games like CW and MW my pc instant reboots anyone know a fix for this?
  6. Instant restarts and im using cam cause i have a NZXT Z73 Kraken
  7. Mobo- Asus prime x570-pro cpu- Ryzen 5900x Graphics card - Msi 1060 6gb Power supply - Evga 500bq Ram - Corsair DDR4 2400 mhz
  8. Yes ive reinstalled all drivers, but in the picture my cpu mhz hits 56,000mhz im fairly sure that is not normal
  9. i only have one game installed since i had to redownload windows and everytime i try to launch it, it crashes plz halp