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    Ryzen 5 3500
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    MSI B450M Pro M2-MAX
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    1x HyperX Fury 4GB-2666
    1x HyperX Fury 8GB-2666
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    Palit GTX1050 Ti Dual OC
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    Armaggeddon Nimitz N5 Aurora
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    1TB Seagate Barracuda
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    Corsair CX550M
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    Acer K192HQL
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    Stock Ryzen cooler, 2x Simbadda Battleground F1
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    Logitech K120
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    Fantech VX-7 Crypto
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    Audio Technica M20x, Maono AU-MH601
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    Windows 10 Pro
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    Acer Aspire 3 A315-41
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    Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus

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  1. I just ran the system a whole night long while I download some files to test it. Here is what HD Sentinel says this morning. The WDC is the one above the PSU. It ran a bit hotter than the other one, but I guess that's pretty normal with how little airflow is in that part.
  2. Thanks for the answer guys. I'll screw the last screw in then. I'll also try testing the temps tomorrow to see if it'll overheat. Follow up question: Is it normal for other cases (or any small cases perhaps) to have mounting options for hard drives right above the PSU? It seems pretty counter-intuitive to me, as to my understanding there is usually way less airflow on the bottom rear part of the shroud and that's where the PSU resides, which can get quite hot as they supply power to your whole PC.
  3. Most of the RTX 3070s hover (wildly) at the Rp. 20,000,000 range (around $1380) brand new in the local marketplace site I frequent. MSRP for RTX 3070s start at $499 so I guess it's still super inflated in my country. I also just bought a second-hand GTX 1050 Ti a few weeks ago for my new build for Rp. 2,900,000 or $200. Not really a good deal imo, considering it cost $140 MSRP brand new 5 years ago, but with the current state of the market, I'd say it's pretty reasonable. Plus, it was in a super mint condition. 2 years of light usage, no scratches except at the fan labels, no dust
  4. Alright, here's the situation. I have an old HDD from my former rig that I want to put inside the case of my new rig to access the data. It's a small mATX case, so space is pretty tight. Fortunately, it has supports for 2 3.5" drives and another 2.5" drive or SATA SSD. Both of the supports for the 3.5" all reside in the top of the bottom PSU shroud (they hang from the shroud), and the 2.5" ones are on the side of the case behind the motherboard. The HDD that I'm planning to move in is a 3.5" hard drive (WD Blue). The other 3.5" support is already occupied by my current drive. The r
  5. Thanks! I did the same mistake too yesterday lol! I remembered to ready my finger at the PSU switch just in case but in the progress of doing so forgot to actually switch it on first and was confused as hell the moment I pushed the power switch and nothing happened
  6. Thanks! Fortunately none of my parts were DOA, and the second-hand GPU I bought was working fully in line with the specs. Maybe I was affected by the thought of losing my whole investment, and I double checked every plug and screw. I'm not good in math (I was even the worse back in school lol), so I think I'll just estimate that 65% of new builds do. Maybe. I'm not really sure lol.
  7. Yeah, I guess experience does play a big role in whether it'll POST or not. I still don't understand why my dad's builds often still fail to POST though, and he's built like 7 already. Oooh that one, I almost fell into a massive trap when building yesterday. I actually first bought an Armaggeddon Voltron Gold 600, an 80+ Gold PSU that was sold for dirt cheap ($33!), and then I looked over at the reviews and almost all said about the cheapo components inside, then I looked over at the PSU tier list and found out it wasn't even in the recommended sections for an iGPU build, instea
  8. One more interesting thing I experienced while building my PC. I actually ordered two 4GB sticks, since I felt that dual channel 8GB would be enough for my needs, but the seller sent in a 4GB and 8GB stick instead. I contacted the seller to return the wrong stick, but the seller was kind enough to just let it slide and told me to keep it and in the end I got 12GB of total memory lol.
  9. Maybe it was due to my noob mind telling me that "if I didn't do A correctly the whole thing would catastrophically fail" and I would have to lose over $650 (very big amount in my country). I studied every manual intensely like it was the SAT or something and I searched up plenty of guides and tutorials on the internet. My hands were also ready on the PSU switch when I first booted it up just in case if something would start to smoke or explode lol.
  10. So I just finished building my first PC yesterday, and I was expecting the worst of the worst (i.e, CPU damaged, RAM not recognized, PSU exploding, graphics card smoking catastrophically, or even just not turning on), at least maybe just not POSTing. To my surprise, it turned on perfectly without any hitches. POSTed, will go into BIOS, everything recognized and correct, fans spinning normally. Even installed Windows right away and ran some benchmarks without any problems whatsoever! Now technically, this isn't actually my "first" build. I had 3 PCs up until now, and although the fi
  11. Thanks for the answers everyone. I just got the cable and the audio through motherboard works perfectly.
  12. Budget (including currency): Around Rp. 8.750.000 Country: Indonesia Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Adobe Premiere Pro, FL Studio, uni classes and assignments, various games. Other details: Completely new build, the only things kept are mouse, keyboard, a VGA monitor, and headphones (3.5mm). So I just built a new PC. I assembled all the parts already, the only thing left to do is to test powering it up. Problem is, my monitor is of an older model, and my 1050 Ti doesn't have a VGA output. My only option right now, is to buy an HDMI to VGA adap