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  1. Laptops need about 19v to operate; desktops need 12v to operate.
  2. In Windows 95 and Nt 4.0 and earlier, there were audio meters that represented the loudness of the playing audio (for wave and synth), but it was removed in Windows 98 and NT 5.0. Then, it was re-added in Windows Vista and later. Why were the volume meters temporarily removed between Windows 98 and XP? EDIT: In earlier Windows the meters were colorful; red at the top, yellow in the middle, and green at the bottom, but in later Windows it's just green.
  3. It returned a webpage saying my app made an invalid request.
  4. I mean this: SOft-CPU controlled Hard-directly controls feature
  5. Is the brake and gas pedals in modern cars "soft" or "hard"?
  6. The restore on power loss only works if the PC's power was cut while it's running, even on the safe to turn off screen. It won't work if the PSU turns off before power is cut.
  7. I need to do it because the power button is concealed under a screw fastened lid.
  8. My code The error returned on program startup In the image, the "Connected" light is off and shows an error code in red numbers at startup. The green light indicates connection to Fitbit's servers.
  9. I have an ACPI PC but the power button is in a concealed box so I have to screw it open to press it. I have the "Restore on powerloss" enabled so it would power on once it receives power, so the PC can be turned on/off using the power strip. How do I turn on the message?
  10. I have a retro motherboard, but no case and PSU compatible with it. I have an ATX 2 PSU. Does the Sound blaster require -5v?
  11. What happens if I use a SATA from a PSU to a 2.5"?
  12. How can the adapter provide 3.3, 5v and 12v from 5v? How is the USB data wires changed?