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  1. okk thanks, but not going to spend on it
  2. i5 -1035g1 , 24gb ram 2666mhz, any3rd party software recommendation
  3. I came across a really beautiful gif recently and want to make it my wallpaper is it possible?
  4. I really want to know what this orher thing contains, because it is not making any sense in my head as of now
  5. you can have your second account logged in the secure folder, if that works for you...
  6. Z I N G

    Windows old??

    what is this windows old folder for, and can we delete it ?
  7. Basic work is just browsing or doing some non - HD youtube nd light weighted tasks. But the issue is the CPU is already the best one that motherboard supports. So, upgrading ram and shifting to an ssd for windows is most I can do, will it bring any improvement though? And I have my laptop for most other work , so probably won't swap the motherboard
  8. Ohh yes, got your point thanks, got it working...
  9. Looked for drivers, all are upto date. This is the model of my laptop... Got it working through Elan though tanks...
  10. I'll probably trash that thing, my laptop is working good for me rn, thanks though...
  11. I've an hp pavilion laptop, and I'm unable to find settings for disabling touchpad, any idea??