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  1. Yes, I do know the model name of each drive. Thank you
  2. Hey guys, so I want to migrate my HHD to the new SSD. I want to migrate from disk2 to disk 1, however it seems to be that it is migrating from disk3 to disk1 as the partition of disk1 doesn't look like like disk2 (like shown in the picture). I'm not sure of this so can someone please clarify it for me. Then if it is migrating from disk3, how do I change it back to migrate from disk2. Thank you so much for helping.
  3. Hey guys, so I want to replace my dad's laptop HHD to an SSD without reinstalling windows like in this video (basically using MiniTool Partition Wizard to do it). However, instead of using the cable to connect to the laptop, I am planning to connect both the HHD and SSD to my pc, and then do it (then just basically connect the SSD back to the laptop). Questions: 1. I'm not sure if there're any reasons for this to not work as I also have an m.2 drive connect to my pc. 2. I'm not sure if there will be any problem with my dad having to reinstall window. 3. I'm not sure what's the last
  4. I'm sorry, yes l'm looking for preferably SSD or at least 7200RPM, and in CAD
  5. Hey guys, so I'm planning to upgrade my dad's laptop, and I want to upgrade from the 2.5 inch HHD to a SATA or something that's 2.5 inch. So can you guys help me find one that's cheap (the cheaper the better, or even the cheapest), I also prefer minimum 500GB but I'm really trying to find one for more storage, I am also trying to spend a bit more than $100 or preferably less. Thank you for helping.
  6. So I got this usb flash drive that I installed window media creation tool on to boot up my pc for the first time, but recently, my laptop got some problem and I want to reinstall window on it, so I need to install the window 10 Disc image on a usb flash drive, but I'm not sure if I can do it on the one I'm currently using, or I need a different one. Thanks
  7. Hey guys, so I have an Antec dp502 flux pc case and the case has some preinstalled fans, but those fans are 3 pins so I can't control it's speed (I'm not sure about this), so I was planning to remove the fans but I find out that the front pannel are not removable (I'm also not sure, but I can't find anywhere to remove it, and I can't find anything about it on google). So I'm not sure if there're any ways I can connect and control the speed of the fans without buy a new pc case. Thanks
  8. Hey guys, so I recently just got my Sony H.ear On3, and for some reason when I'm in a call or something, I will always hear some ambient noise, and it's not that the ANC is not working, because when I turn the headphone completely off, the ambient sounds is gone. Can someone please let me know if this is a bug or a feature??
  9. Hey guys, so I have a hear.on 3 headphone and a small mic, I connect my headphone via Bluetooth and mic via headphone/ speaker jack on my laptop, but when I connect my mic, my headphone stop working and I don't know why, can someone help please. Thank you
  10. So I just don't put in my wifi card??
  11. Hey guys, so I just finished building my pc and I'm watching this video, I keep following until this 8:00 where he choose to not connect to the internet. Three questions, 1: Does it connect automatically connect if you do? 2: What if you have wifi card instead of ethernet (do you just take the wifi card out at that time)? 3: Does it matter. Thank you helping
  12. I can not find the 4-pin anywhere nor a connector for it in the fan hub
  13. Since the cable management is really messed up... The only option that I could think of for the cable I'm holding is connected to the number 1 spot. Update: I notice that at the end of the document, it said 3-pin connector instead of 4, which is what I have (3-pin), the bigger appear to have 4-pin but I remember the second pin is blocked off (so it's like this: O I O O)