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  1. So I just don't put in my wifi card??
  2. Hey guys, so I just finished building my pc and I'm watching this video, I keep following until this 8:00 where he choose to not connect to the internet. Three questions, 1: Does it connect automatically connect if you do? 2: What if you have wifi card instead of ethernet (do you just take the wifi card out at that time)? 3: Does it matter. Thank you helping
  3. I can not find the 4-pin anywhere nor a connector for it in the fan hub
  4. Since the cable management is really messed up... The only option that I could think of for the cable I'm holding is connected to the number 1 spot. Update: I notice that at the end of the document, it said 3-pin connector instead of 4, which is what I have (3-pin), the bigger appear to have 4-pin but I remember the second pin is blocked off (so it's like this: O I O O)
  5. So this is the only cable I'm left with from the fan hub, it has two connector, which one do I connect to the mobo?
  6. The fan is 120mm and it's a 3 pin connector, I'm not sure what kind of controller type I have but it's the one in this case (as well as the fans), the mobo is MSI B450 Tomohawk Max.
  7. Hey guys, so I'm building a pc and I'm not sure if I should connect my fan into the fan controller or the motherboard fan headers, and where do I plug to RGB cable of the fan into if I decide to plug it into the fan headers, and can I connect a 3-pin connector to a 4-pin?
  8. Hey guys, so I lost my m.2 screw comes with my motherboard and I wonder if this or this will fit my motherboard and ssd (b450 tomohawk max + samsung 970 evoplus)
  9. sorry sorry haha, it's my first time building one and I'm also not familiar with ordering online stuff
  10. I ordered a motherboard on amazon and it is missing an m.2 screw. I don;t know what should I do, should I return it, should I buy an m.2 screw? I am using a MSI b450 tomohawk max mobo, so would this screw fit? someone please help me. Thank you.
  11. It is basically the opposite side of my modem, the only option for wired connect for me is to drill a hole out my basement window and drill a hole into my upstairs window (Which is probably a bit less than 50ft, but considering the weather in Canada in winter, and the wall outside in the summer, that thing won't last more than a year).