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  1. If u said you've been doing this since 2009, then ddr4 and 10th gen intel will be able to handle 1t very easily. Thanks so much.
  2. Oh that's good to know. Also, are cpus even a factor of stability of ram, particularly when set to 1t cr? Coz the way you said it is like cpus aren't a factor, but more of the modules themselves, if I'm not mistaken. Thanks for the info too. Gave me more confidence
  3. I've seen many successful memory OCs with their command rate set to 1n. Problem is they all had ryzen processors. All the other Intel memory OCs only used 2n, but they were older generations, so I wanted to know if 10th gen would be able to handle a faster cr like they do on amd. My memory kit is a viper rgb black 3200mhz cl16 2x8gb. Max speed is 2933mhz coz of b460 board. 10th gen i7 non-k. I've also posted this on reddit btw in r/overclocking.
  4. I guess I'll just keep it on. Though I only really use my desktop for gaming which I know is multithreaded. Thanks for all the info. I actually learned a lot.
  5. So even if I disable c states, c1 is actually still enabled? I also have an 256gb nvme ssd with 3 games in it. My cpu is 10700 non k but I'm more gpu bound cuz of my gtx 550 ti anyway.
  6. I found an option to disable c states as well as to limit it to any mode including c0. I was just wondering, what's the point? Is there any difference between limiting it to c0 and disabling them?
  7. I appreciate all the info , but I got one more question. Will vccsa also affect a pcie m.2 ssd, even if it's connected to the chipset instead of the cpu?
  8. I've noticed the voltages of these two things go up when I enabled xmp on my ram. I can also change each voltage separately. What are they for exactly?
  9. I have a gtx 550 ti on my system and it's not new but it works fine unless I launch minecraft v1.16.5 on the latest drivers for it (391.35). I get different issues sometimes but most common is a bsod, stop code is whea_uncorrectable_error. 382.53 fixes but I get low fps in obs for some reason. Can anyone explain why that is and if there is a fix to the problem with driver 391.35 then please share it with me. Edit: almost forgot to mention. Enabling core isolation memory integrity also seems to fix the problem with 391.35. But I don't want some hw virtualized security to