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  1. i mean the resolution is kinda low compared to what im used to
  2. I mean i know that but, where i am its 10 PM and im already dying
  3. yeah, hopefully i can turn this school computer i got into a decent gaming PC, it can run some games decently, but it uses VGA, and on board graphics makes it slow
  4. would the performance be better with the graphics card or worse (8Gb of ram BTW)
  5. seems legit to me, googling of course
  6. Would a Core i-5 6500, and a GTX 1050 ti bottleneck badly
  7. I need to know a place where i can buy keys for windows 10, besides the official Microsoft site, due to me not planning my budget correctly and forgeting about windows.
  8. that wouldnt work, it says i need to activiate windows, due to that this is education edition, and it needs to connect to the schools internet/server to verify the licence
  9. Yeah i was probably gonna buy a cheap(er) key on ebay, most are saying they work
  10. yeah so, far App wiz is able to uninstall most things
  11. would i be able to use a windows USB drive to download without a licence/key for windows
  12. I am at least able to open the appwiz, but every time i try to uninstall something it has to restart the computer
  13. I was recently given TWO computers for free from my local school, but it has a program which has a bunch of useless software, like Testing apps and such. and i can't right click to delete it. It is called Zenworks Agent, and it is clogging up space. Recycle bin doesn't work either, it just reappears.