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  1. SOLVED I was making changes in the bios and still nothing was working until i realised non of my settings were saving. Because the Rig was a prebuilt it had some shitty custom Bios. Flashed it with the latest version and changed CSM settings to UEFI only. And it works. Thanks for all the help guys (Even if i'm £200 in the hole after the RM1000x purchase )
  2. Yup, was primarily doing that. tried remote to see if it had booted
  3. So I bought an RM1000x and it has not solved the issue. Same behaviour. Both cards work fine individually and on either pci slot, but with both I get no video output. I hear the bios beep but it isn't getting to windows because I can't remotely connect to it. Really struggling for ideas now.
  4. https://www.amazon.co.uk/IBEST-IMPETUS-Machine-Ethereum-Bitcoin/dp/B07BNZQZJ5 Is this just garbage or what?
  5. Both cards are underclocked when mining though so power draw should be less than if i was trying to game on them? Alright I'll look at a 1000w, looks like im spending today
  6. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Corsair-RM850-Certified-Modular-Supply/dp/B07S2SXVR5 What are we saying? Should do the trick, no?
  7. Awesome, you guys have been a big help. I'll get a beefy psu in the post and see how we go. I've just tried and 2nd slot works fine so it's 100% power delivery. Thanks again folks.
  8. Yeah one card and everything works tickateeboo. Although I haven't tried 1 card in the second PCI slot on its own yet
  9. Not got them in SLI, just trying to mine from the both. As I say I have one rig that's already running a 2080super and a 3060 Correcto, Mining rig
  10. Corsair CV550 which I realise is weak for the two cards, but I get the same result when running the cards on separate PSU's (one 750w)
  11. Anyone got any idea why I get no video output at all when plugging in a second GPU to a rig? I have two cards in one rig working fine. 2080super and 3060 . I have a prebuilt with a 3070 in and that works fine until I plug in my new 3060ti, then i get no video output. If I only run the 3060ti instead of the 3070 I get no issues, so the new card isn't to blame. Is it a bad PCI Slot on my mobo or something? Any help would be greatly appreciated.