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  1. Dude you should be able to go way passed 4.0. Increase the multiplier and voltage.
  2. I got a hyper-threaded 3770 with a locked multiplier and put it on a z77 motherboard and I was still able to overclock it to 4.5Ghz using the baseclock. If you can get hyper-threading and still overclock then why do people opt for the K version with no hyper threading?
  3. Trusted source, same price http://www.greenmangaming.com/s/au/en/pc/games/action/counter-strike-global-offensive/ Edit: Oh wait original link is just a redirect to GMG.
  4. In windows 7 you can change the location of the folders.
  5. I agree it's addictive, but the gaming industry to pay for treatment, what? Should the tobacco industry pay for lung cancer treatment then too?
  6. I'm mining 300 USD worth / month from a similar setup as OP
  7. Maybe now I can get my 7970's to mine better than 450kh/s Also.. but 13.12 is less than 13.9?
  8. I don't think it will go in a regular PCI slot.
  9. It will fit as long as you have a small cooler. No 3.5" HDD's. And just check the TDP on those parts, 150w may not be enough. NH-L9a
  10. I was just making a point that this is a useless unheard of currency, but thanks.
  11. Yes it would have windows. Then apple would patent it and sue every other car manufacture.
  12. I havent played for months. I should see what all the patches have done for it now. Ill add u soon man!