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  1. I think hes talking about http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/96172-gigabyte-290x-heatsink-issues-halted-production/
  2. I've found the Hyper 212 stock fans to be really quite.
  3. DLC Quest is currently 75c on Humble store and its actually great. run and buy

  4. Just purchased Monaco, DLC Quest, Risk of Rain, Shadow Warrior and Chivalry with Bitcoins that I had mined from the Humble Store, sweeeet.

  5. Local two player coop, split screen on 720p. sigh.. consoles.

    1. ShearMe


      dat 24 fps tho

    2. LapX


      Or as I call it : The family gaming machine for the poor.

    3. zeros


      Hmm those good old days with NFS II when you could do that on PC :)). Almost 17 years ago :)).

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  6. I don't have time to do the math right now and I'm on a phone, but I won't believe it until I do. http://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/windows-based-high-end-mac-pro-equivilent-costs-even-9599/
  7. If you aren't going to have a dedicated GPU then get a different case, like an ISK300.
  8. You have to list them as "bitcoin mining monster'"s then watch the ridiculous $600 bids roll in.
  9. Oh man hotline miami is so much fun!
  10. IF you're building into a desk then there is no front panel lol. just use the mouse or something to turn it on.
  11. No. Blackwindow Ultimate is amazing.
  12. Bitfenix Phenom Steam Machine for Christmas! http://i.imgur.com/ZHBjgRA.jpg

    1. 8521546


      why not windows AND steamOS?

    2. SirReallySam


      haha cool though :D

    3. IdeaStormer


      Not bad considering the restrictions you have. That damn USB3.0 cable has to be reduced in size, I still do not get why its so freaking thick, yea sure insulation but a freaking SATA cable is still almost as fast with insulation and way thinner, not to mention that connecter that is also way too big, USB2.0 is the right size, maybe for 2014 they will work on reducing that size so we can cable it sensibly. Why can't it be as thick and flexible as the external cable? Heck just add a USB3.0...

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  13. This is nice. I also heard about a guy named James Terry on Youtube who modded an XBone into a 22 inch laptop.
  14. Just played this game and oh my lord. Idk what to say, the destruction engine is just out of this world. Anyone who has the slightest concern for the future of gaming should back this. Thousands of tiny destruction particles and objects such as barrels and crates all flying around in one instance with game play smooth as butter and detail that is out of this world, how is this even possible? An engine like this implemented into a game like Grand Theft Auto would simply by the epiphany of awesome fun. For the love of gaming, back this.
  15. Just install the card and plug your monitor into it..?
  16. you're right, but that wouldn't result in bootmgr missing. In some rare cases just swapping them can work so its worth a try. OP, I've had this before, change your boot order. If you cant see your SSD in the boot menu then double check your connections, try a different sata port and see if you can load chipset drivers through the BIOS. Lastly, if I REALLY needed that OS, I would put the old computer back together, boot and backup the OS onto something, then run a windows installation on the new pc and restore from backup. Failing that, just do a fresh install, copy everything manually and re
  17. 780ti for sure. Come to a game that doesn't support SLI well (which is way too many) and you have about the performance of a single 670.
  18. Utter crap ? Your cards may be cooler but that doesn't make me a liar. I'm just giving input about my experiences with my cards.
  19. Okay man just sayin. On the reference cooler under 97% load I won't get below 90 degrees C unless I put the fan speed to %100 at which point it sounds like a hair dryer. Could turn it down to about %80 and it wont be so loud but the card will near 100 degrees.
  20. Avoid mining on a reference cooler if you can. Trust me, I do and its loud, hot and horrible.