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  1. Photobucket compressed the image but if you like it ill find a way to send the full-res 1920x1080
  2. If your an enthusiast then yeah sure thats awesome.
  3. I had that same problem. My 2133Mhz ram would only run at 1333 without boot failures. But then I tried EasyTune6 (Gigabytes OC Software) and it works runs fine at full clock.
  4. I get this whine sound in games and programs. I'm not sure if its coil whine but it seems to correspond with my mouse movements. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xcuxiBuTII0 it's kind of difficult to hear it over the fans in the video. I don't have a fan controller and I wasn't bothered to remove my side panel and unplug them all but the sound is a lot more predominant and annoying IRL. Is this coil whine? Does anyone have the same problem or a solution?
  5. Seems like everyone is pretty sure that the 4770k would beat it. Well it does with current games that use 2-4 cores, but what about when you start having games optimized for 8 cores with the next gen consoles? Crysis 3 is optimized for 8 cores and Logan from tek syndicate concluded that the only CPU that significantly beat the 8350 was one of Intels 2011, 6 core processors. Personally, I am going to wait until PS4 and Xbone games are ported to the PC to decide whether I will be going with an AMD 8 core or an Intel 4 core.
  6. Seriously? The title... and this section?
  7. Nope not possible. Well not really. I suppose you could dodge something up but the resulkt wouldn't be worth it.
  8. Thanks Linus! Also shared on Twitter. https://twitter.com/JohnHeiney/status/341357592297218048
  9. Also shared on Twitter :D https://twitter.com/JohnHeiney/status/341357158778155009
  10. Completely "fu*ked". You should have put in a box with some silica gel before you turned it on. That probably shorted and fried the guts of it.
  11. I think I'd use Zeons. I don't care that they're a server CPU, they're boss.
  12. Seriously man? Don't waste your time, you're fine. All this discussion and hype is going to come to mind next time you run into a gay and your going to be even more uncomfortable. And how are you going to explain that to your buddies? "You wont see me at recess because I have to see a councilor about having a close encounter with a gay"?
  13. Best response. Don't stress dude and seriously don't go to the school captain, you will be making a big deal out of nothing and probably make yourself even more uncomfortable.
  14. Yeah gross yellow doesn't belong in a computer imo.
  15. I cant decide between Paul Potts and Gabe Newell.
  16. This is fantastic! You sir can have a free game.
  17. Why not just get a new mobo and cpu? everything else you have is great.
  18. Dropped in a spare 1090t, no more beeping. Not sure whether it was coincidental or unplugging the fan while the computer was running actually killed my CPU, but either way I have learnt... DO NOT UNPLUG THINGS WHILE THE COMPUTER IS RUNNING even if its just a fan -_- Thanks heaps for your help guys and I'm sure other people will find all your advice useful when they stumble across this thread with the same problem.
  19. Tried a completley different 8gb memory kit. No cigar. It's not the 5850's because they're unistalled. its not the memory i tried a different kit. It's not the bios because thats been reset. It's not the SSD because then I would atleast get a boot menu. I doubt its the PSU. I suspect the mobo is bricked. Ill try a spare PSU. I'll drop a 7970 into the mobo, I'll try another Phenom II x6 1090t I have in the drawer and I'll try boot from USB. ^ These are all long shots but it's the last thing I can think of before I scrap the mobo.